Halibut Stakeholder Meeting Information

We have decided to post all the information rather than email it out to members.  Additional information can be found at the NPFMC halibut stakeholder webpage.

If you have any questions, please call the SEAFA office 586-6652


Halibut Charter Long Term Solution Discussion Paper – SEAFA

SEAFA Report on Halibut Charter Stakeholder Meeting Feb. 2007

Rasmuson Halibut Charter Plan

Crossover Proposal – Funding mechanism for interim period in converting QS to charter sector

Harvest Ticket Proposal by Rex Murphy


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SEAFA Members

I still have not had time to recover all the email addresses.  I wrote a report regarding the halibut stakeholder Meeting on Feb 27th and 28th.  If you didn’t receive a copy, please drop me an email requesting it and I’ll send the report and get you reentered into the database at the same time.  Thanks and sorry about the inconvience.


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Wild Salmon High in Vitamin D that Helps Fight Cancer

The evidence for vitamin D as a powerful cancer-preventer continues to grow at a rapid rate.The results of two new data analyses indicate that high dietary intake of the “sunshine-and-seafood” vitamin can cut the risk of colon and breast cancers by 50 percent.

The Boston University team found that Wild Salmon (unspecified species) had 988 IU of vitamin D per 3.5 oz serving, which is 147 percent more than the US RDA for vitmain D (400 IU).
And Farmed Salmon had only 25 percent of the vitamin D content of Wild Salmon (245 IU).

Vitamin D in Vital Choice fish*
(3.5 oz servings)
International Units (IU)
Sockeye Salmon 687
Albacore Tuna  544
Silver Salmon 430
King Salmon 236
Sardines 222
Sablefish 169
Halibut 162
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Hogarth Overturns IPHC Decision to Limit Charter Catch

At the January 2007 IPHC meeting, the IPHC recommended a one fish bag limit for 6 weeks in 2C and 2 weeks in 3A.  Yesterday, Hogarth from NMFS announced that the Secretary of State and Secretary of Commerce rejected the regulations and instead NMFS will announce later this week other alternatives to restrict the charter catch.

Anchorage Daily News published an article today Feb. 28th posted at the following link.


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Some background information on the Halibut Charter Issues

I prepared the attached document for the halibut charter stakeholder meeting Feb. 27th and 28th in Anchorage.  The purpose of the paper is to try and determine that all the stakeholders are on the same page as to what is in the plan and what we have discussed and dropped.  Long Term Halibut Solutions discussion paper

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Director of Commercial Fisheries Chosen

John Hilsinger has been named Director of Commercial Fisheries and Patti Nelson will be the Deputy Director of Commercial Fisheries.  Announced at the same time was teh appointment of Kenton Taylor as deputy commissioner of ADFG. 

John Hilsinger has been involved in the department both in research and management of commercial and subsistence fisheries throughout central, western and northern Alaska.

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Out of State couple cited in Hoonah for Unlawful sport fishing

Alaska Bureau of Wildlife Troopers in Hoonah have cited a couple for claiming to be Alaska residents on their sport fishing licenses when they aren’t.

Mark C. Warner, 67, and 66 year old Linda H. Warner, both of Bountiful, Utah, face five counts each of unsworn falsification.

Investigation determined they’ve been doing this since 2000.

Arraignment is scheduled in Hoonah District Court on March 7.


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SEAFA Members

I had some computer difficulties last week and lost my email address book.  If you see this would you help me out and send me an email to seafa@gci.net .  This will help facilitate reentering all the email addresses so that I can send out information.  In the meantime, while I am rebuilding the address book, watch the SEAFA website for information.  Thanks,


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Update from NPFMC Meeting

The Council is moving forward the charter moratorium with final action hopefully at the March/April council meeting. 

 Regarding VMS the Council has indefinitely suspended action at this time.  VMS will likely come back again.  NMFS and CG were told that if they wanted to bring the issue back they would need to better define what specific management problems they are addressing and providing a range of alternatives that include non-VMS options.  Representative Bill Thomas working with Council member Eric Olsen was able to get a letter against VMS signed by 16 AK legislators.

Notice was given to initiate an analysis for 3A management measures to mimic the analysis for 2C.

NMFS was asked about the secretarial review of the 2007 IPHC regulations.  NMFS responded that the commercial catch limits will be approved in time for the start of the 2007 IFQ season.  The Secretary of Commerce is deferring approval of the bag limits for charters for now.  If teh Secretary of Commerce decides to not approve the bag limits, then there will have to be a rationale provided to the IPHC.  NMFS is still looking at alternative measures such as a trophy fish but this would have to be implemented through a rule making an analysis.  If the bag limits are not approved, it does not change the previous approval of the commercial catch limits.

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Sitka Sac Roe Herring Fishery Announcement

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game announced today that the guideline

harvest level (GHL) for the 2007 Sitka Sound sac roe herring fishery is 11,904 tons.


The gillnet announcement was made earlier in the year.

The Guideline Harvest Level (GHL) for the Seymour Canal sac roe

fishery is 1,292 tons.


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