New Requirements – Starting on February 26, 2016, all Commercial Fishing Vessels operating more than 3 NM from the Baseline, regardless of size or number of persons onboard are required to carry a Survival Craft that ensures that no part of an individual is immersed in water. Starting on November 1, 2016, all Commercial Fishing Vessels operating within 3 NM that are 36’ or greater or operating with 4 or more people on board are also required to carry a Survival Craft that ensures that no part of an individual is immersed in water.

The minimum acceptable Survival Craft for these vessels will be a USCG approved Inflatable Buoyant Apparatus. This new requirement will also apply to vessels that are currently not required to carry a Survival Craft (i.e. vessels under 36’ in length that carry less than 4 persons onboard) that operate between 3 and 12 NM from the Baseline and all vessels currently required to carry survival craft. The USCG approved Survival Craft(s) that comply with the new regulations taking effect on February 26, 2016 and November 1, 2016 include: an Inflatable Buoyant Apparatus or a Liferaft containing a SOLAS A pack, a SOLAS B pack or a Coastal pack, as approved under 46 CFR Subchapter Q.

Skiff Exemption Program – The Coast Guard Seventeenth District (Alaska) currently issues Survival Craft Exemption letters that allow Commercial Fishing Vessels to meet their Buoyant Apparatus/Life Float requirement with a suitable “skiff”. These letters will become invalid for vessels operating more than 3 NM from the Baseline on February 26, 2016.

To view Full Marine Safety Bulletin click

MSIB_Survival_Craft_Requirements_04Jan15 SDG (003) 1.13.16

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The Supreme Court REVERSED the Superior Courts decision to put the setnet ban initiative on the ballot.  Their conclusion was that the initative would allocate the salmon resource to other users and therefore would significantly narrow the legislature’s and Board of Fisheries range of freedom to make allocative decisions.  Thereby effecting a prohibited appropriation via initiative.


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Sablefish Quota Set at NPFMC December meeting

NPFMC Adopts Sablefish Allowable Biological Catch (ABC) Limits
(Listed in Tonnes)
Region                      2015 ABC            2015 Catch           2016 ABC
Western GOA                1,473                         1,012                         1,272
Central GOA                 4,658                        4,570                          4,023
West Yakutat                1,708                        1,802                           1,475
South East Outside      2,682                        2,822                           2,317
Total GOA                   10,521                       10,206                        9,087

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Salmon Task Force Meeting Agendas

Below are the agenda’s for the gillnet and seine task force meetings.  AND the Presentations for the meetings

GNTF Agenda 2015_draft  December 2nd NSRAA Conference Room Sitka 9:00 AM

PSTF Agenda 2015_draft  December 1st NSRAA Conference Room 9:00 AM

2015 GNTF D11 Mgmt final

2015 GNTF D15 Mgmt final

2015 GNTF D68 Mgmt final

2015 GNTF Ktn Mgmt final

2015 PSTF JNU Mgmt final

2015 PSTF Ktn Mgmt FINAL

2015 PSTF PSG Mgmt final

2015 PSTF STK Mgmt final


DIPAC Gillnet Task Force Meeting 2015

NSRAA 2015 Returns-2016 Forecast

2015 SSRAA Returns – 2016 Forecast

2015 TF ADFG Budget Picture

ADF&G Escapement Gillnet 2015

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Regional Planning Team (RPT) Meeting December 3, 2015

This is a reminder of the Fall 2015 Regional Planning Team (RPT) meeting to be held December 3rd at the NSRAA Boardroom in Sitka. The meeting will include a hatchery permit review, for Armstrong-Keta, Inc. to use a portion of the existing Little Port Walter Hatchery (NOAA) for production of king salmon. There will also be three possible permit alteration request (PAR) reviews for NSRAA. Two of those PARs concern moving a portion of the current chum salmon production at Takatz Bay to either Port Malmsbury or Thomas Bay as way to increase marine survival. The last PAR concerns releasing chum salmon at Gunnuk Creek to provide a broodstock return to Gunnuk Creek Hatchery (this PAR is still being processed).

In addition to the RPT meeting, an industry driven meeting will be held on the evening of December 2nd to discuss the “Twenty-year Retrospective” which is being developed by the RPT. That meeting will also be held in the NSRAA Boardroom with the suggested meeting time of 7pm.

Workshop agenda draft 12.8.09

2015-10-27 HF-Port Malmsbury chum ap

2015-10-27 HF-Thomas Bay chum ap

2015-10-30 Little Port Walter Hatchery Permit Application

2015-2-20 MFA AKI – Little Port Walter Hatchery

Twenty year Retrospective Allocation

At the NSRAA Board Meeting Friday November 13, 2015 the Board voted to approve moving 6 million chum from Hidden Falls to Thomas Bay.

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Southeast 2016 Pink Salmon Forecast

ADF&G issued their news release for the 2016 pink salmon forecast. They are predicting a return of 34 million which is below the 10 year average of 38 million and just above the return for 2015 at 31.5 million.

The Bristol Bay sockeye salmon forecast if for 29.5 Million salmon. The Bay harvested 35.7 million in 2015.

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USCG Presentation on Alternative Compliance Safety Program and other regulations

At the UFA meeting we also received from the USCG an update of the upcoming regulations from the Coast Guard Act of 2010.  One of the new programs besides the coast guard dockside exams if you fish outside of 3 miles is the Alternative Compliance Safety Program (ACSP).  This is a program that will affect commercial fishing vessels or tenders 25 years or older in 2020 (otherwise any boat built before 1995) or completes a major conversion; 50 ft overall in length; and fishes beyond 3 NM.  If you fit in this category, open up the presentation below.  This program is suppose to be in place by 2017.

USCG UFA Oct2015



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At the UFA meeting we had a lot of presenters about the State’s fiscal situation and varies departments the commercial fishing industry depends upon. Here are some of the presentations. If you have any questions, please call the office at 907-586-6652

ADF&G for UFA Briefing Document 10-27-15

Fiscal Stability UFA 10 27 15

ASMI UFA 2015 Presentation

Board of Fish / Board Support

STATE of Alaska BUDGET Information


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IPHC SE Port Presentation

IPHC visited the SE ports of Sitka and Petersburg last week and gave a presentation. This is the slides that were used in the presentation. If you have any questions, please call the SEAFA office.

IPHC 2015 SE port tour 10.31.15

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