Board of Fish Appointments

Board of Fisheries
Governor Palin appointed Brent G. Johnson, and reappointed Karl S. Johnstone, to the Board of Fisheries.
The seven-member Board of Fisheries is responsible for conservation and development of the state’s fishery resources by setting seasons, bag limits, methods and means for the state’s subsistence, commercial, sport, guided sport, and personal use fisheries.  The board sets fishery management policy, and makes the allocation decisions which the Department of Fish and Game must carry out through its management of fishery resources.
Johnson, of Clam Gulch, is a lifelong commercial fisherman who has been a salmon setnetter for most of his life.  He has worked as a salmon and herring seiner and halibut longliner in Cook Inlet, and as a salmon seiner in Prince William Sound.  Johnson has been active in fisheries management issues, having served more than a decade on the Kenai-Soldotna Fish and Game Advisory Committee from the early 1990s to 2002, the last two years as chairman.  He was a member of the Cook Inlet Aquaculture Association board of directors from 1988-2001, and rejoined the board as president in 2005.  Johnson is a past president and board member of the Kenai Peninsula Fishermen’s Association.  His appointment represents the first appointment of a Cook Inlet commercial fisherman to the board since 1975.
Johnson has served on the Kenai Peninsula Borough Planning Commission since 1997.  He has also been president of Kasilof Regional Historical Association since 2005, and president of the Kenai Peninsula Historical Association since 2008.  Born in Seldovia, he graduated from Ninilchik High School in 1973.  He was appointed to a public seat.
Johnstone, of Anchorage, is a retired Superior Court judge who has been an active sport fisherman in Alaska since 1967.  He fished commercially for salmon in Bristol Bay and herring in Prince William Sound and Southeast Alaska in the 1980s.  Johnstone earned a bachelor’s degree in business and a law degree from the University of Arizona.  He practiced law until 1979 when he was appointed Superior Court judge.  Johnstone was appointed presiding judge of the Third Judicial District in 1990 and served in that position until his retirement in 1996.  He has since had a limited practice as a lawyer, mediator and arbitrator.  Johnstone was reappointed to a public seat.
Note:  Brent Johnson will be replacing Bonnie Williams of Fairbanks. (KLH)

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Troll Chinook Quota Announced

ADFG Press Release 

Petersburg. . The Alaska Department of Fish and Game announced today that under management provisions of the Pacific Salmon Treaty, the 2009 Southeast Alaska all-gear harvest quota is 218,800 Treaty Chinook salmon. This abundance-based quota represents an increase of approximately 48,800 fish when compared with the last year’s all-gear quota of 170,000 fish. The 2009 preseason abundance index (AI) is 1.33, up from the 2008 preseason AI of 1.07. This results in a commercial troll fishery preseason Chinook salmon harvest allocation of 161,638 fish. The all-gear Chinook salmon quota is allocated among commercial and sport fisheries according to management plans established by the Alaska Board of Fisheries [5 AAC 29.060(b) and 47. 055]. The 2009 Pacific Salmon Treaty agreement mandates a 15% reduction in the Southeast Alaska Chinook salmon quota from the 1999 Treaty Agreement at any given AI. The need for continuation of this level of reduction will be reviewed by the Pacific Salmon Commission in 2014.

2009 Treaty Chinook Allocation

All-gear Treaty Quota 218,800

Purse seine 9,408

Drift gillnet 6,345

Set gillnet 1,000

Troll 161,638

Sport 40,409

Trollers are advised that the catch allocations presented here do not include the majority of Taku RiverChinook salmon that may be harvested in commercial and sport fisheries in District 11. For more information on the Taku River fishery, please refer to the news release issued on March 19, 2009. The increase in the all-gear quota and the troll allocation will likely result in increased fishing time and harvest opportunities for Chinook salmon in the summer troll fishery compared to 2008. However, because we don’t know what the final harvest of non-Alaska hatchery fish (Treaty fish) will be in the winter and spring fisheries, the magnitude of any increased fishing time will not actually be known until just prior to the first summer season Chinook salmon opening on July 1. The summer troll quota is calculated by subtracting the winter and spring fishery Treaty Chinook salmon harvest (there is no specific total limit on the number of Treaty Chinook salmon that may be harvested in the spring fishery) from the annual troll allocation. The summer fishery will be managed to harvest 70% of the total summer quota in the first summer Chinook salmon opening. The decision as to whether the first summer opening will be managed in season rather than for a fixed number of days will be announced just prior to the July 1 opening.

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Treaty King Salmon Quota Announced

ADFG announced today that the all gear chinook quota is 218,800.  This is an increase from last year of 48,800 kings.  The split between gear groups according to the Board of Fish management plans should be:  TROLL – 161,637 kings; SEINE 9,408; GILLNET 6,345; SET GILLNET 1,000; and SPORT 40,410 kings.  In addition there is a pre-season quota for Taku of 8,260 additional kings that don’t count towards the treaty quota harvest.

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Wrangell Seafoods Deal Back On Table

Trident Seafoods has once again put together a deal for the purchase of Wrangell Seafoods that will be taken back before the bankruptcy court for approval.   

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Tim Grussendorf Appointed to the Senate Seat Vacated by Kim Elton


March 29, 2009, Juneau, Alaska – Governor Sarah Palin today named Tim Grussendorf as her designee to replace Kim Elton as the state senator from District B, representing the City and Borough of Juneau. 
Grussendorf has worked as a commercial fisherman and serves as chief of staff to Alaska State Senator Lyman Hoffman.  He is currently president of the Southeast Alaska Fishermen’s Alliance and a board member of the Northern Southeast Regional Aquaculture Association.  Grussendorf is active in the Juneau community, volunteering his time to coach soccer and basketball teams.  He is the assistant basketball coach at Floyd Dryden Middle School. 

Grussendorf’s father, Ben Grussendorf, was a representative from Sitka and served as Speaker of the Alaska House of Representatives. “Tim’s solid credentials and thorough understanding of the issues facing our state will serve his constituents well,” Governor Palin said.  “I am confident he will be able to hit the ground running.”

Grussendorf is married with two teenaged sons who are involved in Juneau sports teams.  He must be confirmed by a simple majority of Senate Democrats.

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Sitka Herring Fishery

The first opening of the Sitka sac roe herring fishery was on Sunday (3/22) for 15 minutes with approximately 2700 tons of herrring caught.  The second opening was Tuesday  afternoon (3/24) for another 15 minutes.  (Poundage unknown at this time)

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Taku King Fishery Announced

ADFG announced today 3/17/09 that there will be a directed Taku king fishery with an allowable catch of 8,260 kings.

News Release:

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Sitka Sound Sac Roe Fishery Put on Notice

The Sitka Sac Roe Fishery is on 2 hour notice starting 8:00 am Sunday March 22.  There is a pre-season fishermen’s meeting on Saturday afternoon.

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ADFG Looking for 3 Gillnet Vessels for District 8 Test Fishery

ADFG is soliciting bids for three drift gillnet vessels to conduct test fishing in Section 8-B from Stat week 19 (May 3 – 9) through Stat week 25 (June 14-20)  Test fishing will start on Wednesdays at 8:00 am for 24 hours.  The fishing areas are Woodpecker Cove; Baht Harbor/Criag Point; and Northwest Woronkofski.  Purpose of the test fishery is to develop an additional inseason indicator of Stikine River king salmon run strength.  Nets must be standardized.  For additional information check out the full news release at or call ADFG – Troy Thynes at 772-3801

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2009 Statewide Salmon Harvest Projection by ADFG

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game announces that the statewide commercial salmon harvest in 2009 is projected to total 174.8 million salmon of all species.  This is an increase compared to 2008, with nearly all of this increase expected to come from improved pink salmon catches. Overall, pink and chum salmon harvests are expected to be higher than in 2008, while the Chinook, sockeye, and coho salmon harvests are expected to be similar to the actual harvests taken in 2008. This forecast would represent the 11th largest harvest since 1960, if achieved.  

The forecasted harvests for individual species in 2009 are 249,000 Chinook salmon, 38.1 million sockeye salmon, 4.6 million coho salmon, 113.1 million pink salmon, and 18.5 million chum salmon.  The 2009 sockeye salmon harvest of 38.1 million salmon would be among the top twenty sockeye salmon harvests since 1960; and the 2009 chum salmon harvest of 18.5 million fish would be the sixth largest chum salmon harvest since 1960.  The 2009 coho salmon harvest of 4.6 million salmon is similar to the most recent ten-year average of 4.5 million coho salmon. 

The estimated 2009 Chinook salmon harvest of 249,000 fish does not include an estimate for Southeast Alaska.  The allowable catch of Chinook salmon in Southeast Alaska is determined by the Pacific Salmon Commission and the Commission has not published the quota for 2009.  Release of the 2009 Chinook quota for Southeast Alaska is expected in late March or early April. 

These forecasts are based on quantitative projections of next year’s salmon run using information on previous spawning levels, smolt outmigrations, returns of sibling age classes, and recent survival rates observed for hatchery releases. 

Look for inseason harvest information, postseason statistics, and other information about salmon in Alaska on the World Wide Web at http:/// 

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