Thomas Bay RFP 2017

NSRAA is in the process of developing a new chum release site outside of Petersburg in Thomas Bay. Proposals are being requested for operating contracts for the Thomas Bay remote chum rearing site for 2017. Proposals are due by January 13th, 2017 by the close of the business day. See proposal below for more information or call Scott Wagnor at NSRAA for more information or for questions 907-747-6850.

2017 Thomas Bay RFP 1.3.17

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2017 Blackcod Almanac

2017 Blackcod Almanac 1.3.17

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Task Force/ Fishery Meeting Documents

The following meetings will be held in Juneau the week following Thanksgiving.
Click on the Agenda for teleconference and meeting location information.


Gillnet Meeting 11/29/16  9:00 am  Gillnet TF Meeting 11.29.16

2016 GNTF Ktn fina

2016 GNTF D68 Post Season Review

2016 D11 GNTF

D-15 2016 DGNTF Presentation

2016 NSRAA Returns – 2017 Fcast Fall Bd Mtg Chip

SSRAA Gillnet Task Force Nov 2016

2016_DIPAC_GN_Taskforce 11.29.16

ADF&G Escapement Gillnet presentation 2016

Salmon Effort and Value Handout 11.18.16


Regional Planning Team (RPT)  11/30/16 9:00 am  Fall 2016 RPT draft agenda

2016-10-12 HFH Thomas Bay chum (2) PAR

2016-10-28 Sawmill Cr Hatchery BMP DRAFT

draft MCH-HF stock chum Bear Cove release


Spawn on Kelp Meeting  11/30/16  6:00 pm

Southeast Alaska Herring Spawn on Kelp TF Agenda 11.30.16

Craig ROK Herring 11.30.16


Seine Meeting  12/1/16  9:00 am  Seine TF Agenda 12.1.16

ORSI-2016 PSTF Juneau 01 Dec 2016 FINAL

ADF&G Escapement Gillnet presentation 2016

2016 PSTF Ktn Mgmt final

2016 PSTF Meeting Presentation_Sit

2016 Seine Task Force-Psg-Wrgl

2016 Juneau Seine TF presentation

2016 NSRAA Returns – 2017 Fcast Fall Bd Mtg Chip

SSRAA Gillnet Task Force Nov 2016

2016_DIPAC_Purse_Taskforce 12.1.16

Salmon Effort and Value Handout 11.18.16


King and Tanner Task Force Meeting 12/2/16 1:00 pm

KTTF News Release & Agenda 11.18.16

SEAK Commercial RKC presentation december 2017

RKC Mark Recapture Update KTTF 2017_ajm

SEAK Commercial Tanner Crab Presentation 2017

GKC KTTF 2016_December meeting

2016-2017 Tanner stock status data packet for distribution 12.29.16




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Draft Voluntary Safety Initiatives – Good Marine Practices for Commercial Fishing Vessels

The development of the Alternate Safety Compliance Program (ASCP) effort was put on hold this summer (at least as a mandatory set of new requirements). The requirements came out of the legislation funding the Coast Guard in both 2010 and 2012. The ASCP was originally designed to apply to commercial fishing vessels 50′ and over that are not “classed” once they become 25 years old. This effort was transitioned into the attached Voluntary Safety Initiatives/Good Marine Practices for Commercial FVs. We are anticipating further guidance from CG Headquarters prior to January 1st on how to put this new initiative into practice.

The Initiative has also been posted on the Coast Guard’s “Maritime Commons” about the VSIGMP and encouraging the public/industry to provide feedback through their local Coast Guard dockside fishing vessel examiner or District Commercial Fishing Vessel Safety Coordinators. For Alaska, comments would go to

Voluntary Safety Initiatives – Good Marine Practices for CFVs – 25Oct201 (002)

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Alternative Safety Compliance Program Put on Hold

The USCG has put the Alternative Safety Compliance Program (ASCP) on hold and instead are developing and Enhanced Oversight Program (EOP) for commercial fishing vessels by January 1, 2017.  Whereas the ASCP would have been subject to federal rule-making the Enhanced Oversight Program will only  implement requirements that will draw upon existing Captain of the Port Authorities and be prescribed by policy.

Also, The Coast Guard will develop Voluntary Safety Guidelines for older CFV’s by January 1, 2017.  These voluntary guidelines and recommended best practices will be based on analysis of casualty data from the past 10 years by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health.

Enahnced Oversight Program and Safety Guidelines for Commercial Fishing Vessels – MSIB 11-16 7.21.16

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King and Tanner Task Force Meeting May 25th 1:00 pm

Attached is the agenda and presentations for the KTTF meeting

May 2016 KTTF meeting agendav2

Bitter crab_siddon early results 2016

GKC KTTF 2016_May meeting

SEAK Commercial RKC presentation

SEAK Commercial Tanner Crab Presentation_May2016

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Alaska Diesel Electric Generator Offer


Alaska Diesel Electric SEAFA Ad 5.17.16

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Electronic Monitoring (EM) Brochure

The following brochure was developed to answer fishermen’s questions about EM.  If you are interested in signing up for 2017

EM brochure 4 29 16

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RPT Allocation Power Point Presentation

Here is the spring update to the RPT for the current allocation status of the gear groups.

ALLOCATIONS Spring 2016 RPT 4 06 2016

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NPFMC Halibut Charter RQE April 2016 final motion

Here is the final NPFMC motion for the halibut charter RQE

MOTION C9 Halibut Charter RQE 4.11.16

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