Purse Seine Task Force Meeting Documents

Below are the presentations shown at the Seine Task Force meeting November 28, 2017.  In no particular order.

2017 Juneau Seine TF presentation

2017 PSTF Ktn Mgmt v2

2017 Seine Task Force-Psg-Wrgl_Distribution

2017 Sitka Seine Presentation

ADF&G Pink Forecast

ADF&G PSTF Escapement 2017

NOAA Murphy PSTF 2017


NSRAA Chum – the next 5 years chip

SSRAA Task Force Nov 2017



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2017 Salmon Task Force Meetings

The 2017 Salmon task force meetings will be held in Ketchikan this year.

SEINE TASK FORCE MEETING Nov 28, 2017 9:00 AM at the Ted Ferry Civic Center

2017 PSTF Agenda

NR 2018 Pink salmon harvest forecast 

GILLNET TASK FORCE MEETING Nov 29, 2017 9:00 AM at the Ted Ferry Civic Center

2017 GNTF Agenda 2017

Below is a handout from ADF&G for both task force meetings regarding participation and value of the fisheries

2017 Task Force Handout value and participation

The Regional Planning Team (RPT) will be meeting in Ketchikan on Nov 30, 2017 At the Ted Ferry Civic Center

Fall 2017 RPT draft agenda

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SE AK King and Tanner Crab Task Force Meeting Dec 7, 2017

There will be a KTTF meeting December 7, 2017 1:00 – 4:30 pm.  The meeting will be hosted at the ADF&G regional office in Douglas, in Petersburg at the Tides Inn Conference Room and connected via web conferencing.  For web conferencing click on the news release link for directions.

Agenda items include:

  1. 2017 Tanner Crab Survey preliminary results
  2. 2017/18 red king crab fishery summary
  3. 2017/18 Board of Fish proposals

NR KTTF Meeting 12.7.17

Below is a memo sent by ADF&G to be discussed at the meeting in regards to BOF proposal #69

Golden King Crab surplus production_final_2017 11.16.17

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Transboundary Mining Concerns letter from AK

The Alaska Congressional Delegation and State of Alaska submitted a joint letter to Sec of State Rex Tillerson with the request that B.C. mining projects and potential impacts to Alaska be included on the agenda for the upcoming bilateral meetings between the U.S. Dept of State and Global Affairs Canada as a first important step towards federal level communication on this issue at the federal level. The letter which is posted below then outlines 5 specific issues to consider.

AK Delegation Letter to Secretary Tillerson 11.16.17

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KTTF Meeting Documents May 11, 2017

Here are the documents that will be used during the KTTF meeting

KTTF May2016 agenda

2016_17 GKC Season Handout_PublicVersion_051117

2016_17 Tanner Season Summary_PUBLIC VERSION

2017_18 king Tanner BOF proposals from department

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Territorial Sportsmen Chinook Salmon Symposium

The Territorial Sportsmen sponsored a symposium on the Taku and Chilkat River Chinook Salmon: Status, Research and Management. The intent of this event was focused on increasing the public awareness about the status and management of Chinook salmon stocks in the Taku and Chilkat Rivers in Northern Southeast Alaska.
Presenting information was Larry Edfelt for Territorial Sportsmen; Phil Richards, SE Chinook Salmon Stock Assessment Supervisor, ADF&G; Jim Murphy, Research Biologist, NMFS Salmon Ocean Ecology Program; Brock Meredith, DIPAC Operations Manager; Dan Teske, Sport Fish Area Management Biologist and Dave Harris, Commercial Fisheries Area Management Biologist.

2017_TSI presentation_management Dan Teske Sport Fish and with Dave Harris Commercial Fish presentation

Murphy TSI King Salmon 2017

Richards Taku and Chilkat Chinook Stock Assessment TSI

2017 Juneau Area Chinook Enhancement_DIPAC

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Sitka . . . The Alaska Department of Fish and Game announced today the following information concerning the 2017 spring troll fishery:
The spring troll fishery in Southeast Alaska (SEAK) is designed to target Alaska hatchery-produced Chinook salmon. However, with similar migration corridors and return timing, wild stock SEAK originating Chinook are also harvested. The overall 2016 run to the 11 systems monitored for SEAK wild Chinook salmon is one of the lowest on record in 42 years of documented Chinook escapements. With arguably the poorest overall run on record in 2016, recurrent failures to meet lower bounds of escapement goal ranges in several systems, and with the 2017 pre-season forecasts below the lower bound of escapement goal ranges for the Situk, Alsek, Chilkat, Taku, Stikine, and Unuk Rivers, time and area restrictions in specified fisheries will be implemented during the spring troll season to help reduce encounters of these Chinook stocks. These conservation restrictions will be implemented in, but are not limited to, select Chinook and chum fisheries within the Icy Strait/Cross Sound, Chatham Strait, Upper Sumner/Stikine/Zimovia Strait, and Lower Clarence Strait corridors. Restrictions will include one, or a combination, of the following 1) delayed initial opening date, 2) reduced opening length, 3) boundary area reductions. The affected spring areas and restriction types are as follows: Icy Strait/Cross Sound, Chatham Strait, Sumner/Stikine/Zimovia Strait, Lower Clarence Strait.

In addition to these restrictions, the Clarence Strait, Point Alava, West Behm Canal, and Baht Harbor fisheries will remain closed for the duration of spring.

Further details on these restrictions will be presented during the annual spring troll public meetings. A schedule of these meetings will be announced in a troll news release in late March.

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Halibut & Sablefish Regulations to be published and season to Start March 11

WE just received the following information that the Halibut/Sablefish regulations were approved today and will be published in the Federal Register within the next week. Publishing the final rule to set the halibut quota is always a bit tricky because it has to go through both the State and Commerce departments.
The 2017 permits are in the mail.
Sablefish pots will be effective on March 11 at the start of the season. Here is the notice with the revised effective date.

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SEASWAP Survey for Chatham Permit Holders

ALFA is conducting the following survey. SEASWAP SURVEY for Chatham permit holders 2.19.17
Send responses to alfa.outreach@gmail.com

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Douglas…The Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) will meet with Southeast Alaska sablefish stakeholders and interested members of the public on Friday, March 3, 2017, from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., to discuss the status of NSEI sablefish stocks at the following locations:
 Sitka–University of Alaska Southeast, Room 229, 1332 Seward Ave, Sitka, AK, 99835
 Petersburg–Tides Inn Conference Room, 307 1st Street, Petersburg, AK 99833
 Douglas–ADF&G Southeast Regional Office, 802 3rd Street, Douglas, AK 99824.
In addition to an overview of the NSEI state fishery, there will also be presentations on the Gulf of Alaska federal sablefish stock by federal stock assessment scientists and on whale depredation research by the Southeast Alaska Sperm Whale Avoidance Project (SEASWAP) scientists. Individuals unable to attend in person can call-in from any location and if they have a computer, smartphone, and/or tablet can attend the web conference with instructions detailed at the end of this news release.
The following agenda items will be presented at the meeting:
 NSEI fishery and survey catch per unit effort (CPUE)
 NSEI age structured assessment model and outlook for 2017
 NSEI sablefish quota decrements
 NSEI future survey and fieldwork
 Gulf of Alaska federal sablefish fishery stock status
 SEASWAP whale tagging and depredation/other collaborative research.
For further information please contact Andrew Olson (907) 465-4259, andrew.olson@alaska.gov

For information on setting up a webex connection see NEWS RELEASE

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