NPFMC Starts on Halibut Issues

Sunday 12/11/11
The NPFMC took action on 2012 charter management measures to recommend to the International Pacific Halibut Commission (IPHC), the first of three issues to be considered. In the IPHC webinar Nov 30th and again in the report today in front of the council, the charter fleet in 2C stair steps back up and 3A steps down for the first time so the GHL management levels considered was 931,000 lbs for 2C and 3.103 million lbs.

Council member Ed Dersham made the following motion: Based upon IPHC staff recommendations regarding Total CEY, the Council moves forward the following charter halibut management measures in Areas 2C and 3A for consideration by the International Pacific Halibut Commission in 2012.
Area 2C (GHL 931,000 lbs)
One fish reverse slot limit of U45 – O68 (one fish bag limit of either a fish under 45 inches or over 68″)
Area 3A (GHL 3.103 million lbs)
Status Quo of 2 fish / day of any size

A motion to amend the main motion failed 4 to 7 that would have added a prohibition on skipper & crew fish for June, July & August).
The ADFG report to describe management options is available here.

Tomorrow morning the Council will start discussing the CSP and the issues raised in the NMFS 48 page report available on the NPFMC website.

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Industry Consensus Developed During RPT on Board of Fish Proposals Affecting the Southeast Alaska Enhanced Allocation Plan

Industry members developed a consensus document adopted by the Joint Regional Planning Team (JRPT) regarding Board of Fish Proposals that affect the Southeast Alaska Enhanced Allocation Plan. Associations involved in the Development of the consensus is SEAS, USAG, ATA, Chum Trollers Association and SEAFA.
2011 RPT Industry Consensus

USAG and SEAS also came to a separate agreement to withdraw some proposals that conceerned wild stocks and not the enhanced salmon allocation plan and so wasn’t specifically mentioned in the JRPT agreement.

At the RPT meeting the preliminary numbers for 2011 for the Salmon Enhanced Allocation Plan were presented by NSRAA with numbers provided by NSRAA, SSRAA, DIPAC and AKI.
Click here to see presentation

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NSRAA & DIPAC 2012 Preliminary Forecasts

NSRAA 2012 Forecast
DIPAC 2012 Chum Forecast
DIPAC 2012 Sockeye Forecast

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IPHC Presentations from Staff Catch Limit Recommendations Posted

The webinar presentations that IPHC staff went through prior to announcing the staff recommendations for 2012 are now posted online.
IPHC New Relese with 2012 staff recommended Catch Limits
2011 Ciommercial, Sport & Subsistence Halibut Fisheries
2011 Halibut Stock Assessments
2012 IPHC Staff Preliminary Catch Limit Recommendations
Harvest Policy Considerations for 2012

The IPHC annual meeting where 2012 catch limits will be set is Jan 24-27 in Anchorage Alaska at the Hilton Hotel

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IPHC Staff Recommendations for 2012

IPHC staff recommendations for 2012 were presented today on a webinar.
2A 989,000
2B 6,633,000
2C 2,624,000
3A 11,918,000
3B 5,070,000
4A 1,567,000
4B 1,869,,000
4CDE 2,465,000
TOTAL 33,135,000

This is a recommendation of 7,935,000 pounds less than 2011 harvest limits. Staff also put on the table that they are considering major changes to the harvest rates/policy for 2013. They showed a slide that would have shown what the staff recommendations would have been with the policy changes they are considering that would be significantly less than the recommendations made.

(Area 2 B (Canada) catch limit includes all recreational harvest limits)

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Salmon Task Force & RPT Meeting, Dates, Agendas

GNTF Agenda 2011 Gillnet Task Force Meeting Dec 6, 9:00 am Sitka Centennial Building

PSTF Agenda 2011< Seine Task Force Meeting, Dec 7, 9:00 am Sitka Centennial Building

Agenda Regional Planning Team (RPT) Dec 8, Officially start @10:00 am but industry gathering before hand to discuss Board of Fish allocation proposals will occur

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Sustainable U.S. Seafood: A Journey from Sea to Market

NOAA’s Alaska and Northwest regional offices and sciences centers staff recently published a 5-part series on sustainable seafood in The Seattle Times. They created this feature to help educators introduce the complex process of how seafood gets to market. The series was published throughout the week of November 13. The full series plus a Classroom Guide can be found online.

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IPHC Interim Meeting

On Wednesday, November 30th at 1:00 P.M. (PST), there will be a webcast briefing on the stock assessment and staff’s preliminary recommended catch limits for 2012. The webcast is open to the public. To register for the web-cast sign up here

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NPFMC Salmon FMP Analysis Out for Review – Final Action at December Council Meeting

The analysis for the Salmon FMP is up on the Council website and final action is scheduled for the first day of the December Council Meeting. (Dec. 7th)
Salmon FMP

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Trends in Alaska Salmon Harvests

Dear Alaska salmon industry folks:
Attached FYI are some graphs I prepared today showing trends over time in Alaska salmon harvests, value and prices since 1980 (including the preliminary data for 2011 just released by ADFG).
If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me. Also please feel free to share the graphs with others who may be

Gunnar Knapp
Professor of Economics
University of Alaska Anchorage
3211 Providence Drive
Anchorage, Alaska 99508
907-786-7717 (work) (work e-mail)

Gunnar Knapp-Graphs of Trends in Alaska Salmon Harvests Prices and Value 11.10.11

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