Board of Fish Adjourns

SEAFA Member Update BOF #4 3.4.12Herring was not reconsidered.

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Board of Fish Update 3

Board of Fish is done deliberating 3 of the 4 sub-committees.
SEAFA Member Update BOF 3.3.12

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Board of Fish Update 2

Board of Fish Update 2/28/12

Last Night report I wasn’t sure that I had Proposal #217 amendment correct. The correct numbers for the split of commercial fishery allocation is 46% directed; 12% longline and 8% troll.

The Board clarified on the record but did not reconsider any information pertaining to #216 Sablefish annual limit proposal that the area closed is District 12 (Chatham Strait – North of Point Gardner.

Proposal #206 – Create a directed pot fishery for spiny dogfish. FAILED 1/6/0 based on the information that a fisherman could apply for a Commissioner’s permit. (probably unlikely to receive one).

Proposal #207 – increase sport fish bag limit for spiny dogfish to 10 with no annual limit. FAILED 1/6/0

Proposal #249 – annual limits on salmon for non-residents. FAILED 0/7/0

Proposal 252 – Prohibit the use of a power assist reel to retrieve sport fish, except by anglers with a disability. FAILED 1/6/0

Proposal #254 – Allow the use of bait by anglers age 10 or younger in lakes designated as high use or small cutthroat lakes. AMENDED to allow the use of bait by kids under age 16 in Pat’s Lake for two weekends in June (4 days) with a bag limit of two fish – no size limit (kids only) (RC 84) PASSED 7/0/0

Proposal #301 – Close waters on the Tsui River to Commercial was AMENDED to close upstream of the ½ way point for the year between the terminus of the river to the Duck Creek Marker. (RC 102) PASSES 4/3/0

Proposal #230 – Herring Management Plan for Sitka Sac Roe Fishery by adding three criteria FAILED 0/7/0

Proposal #232 – Change the formula for determining the harvest rate for the Sitka Sound Sac Roe Fishery FAILED 0/7/0 (lot of time spent on this proposal and attempts to amend before finally failing)

Proposal #231 – Close the Sitka Sac Roe Fishery when the total harvest is within 10% of the GHL. FAILED 0/7/0

Proposal #233 & 234 – Equal shares for Sitka Sac Roe Fishery. FAILED 1/6/0

Proposal #235 – Keep fishing vessel participating in the Sitka Sac Roe fishery out of the area to be opened until the start of the opening. WITHDRAWN BY PROPOSER – NO ACTION

Proposal #238 & 239 – Close an area of Sitka Sound to the commercial seine sac roe fishery. AMENDED to a smaller area. (See RC 90 click on link to SE Finfish Meeting and then scroll to the bottom of documents to RC 82-101) PASSED 6/1/0

Proposal #242 – Increase the minimum herring threshold level for the West Behm Canal Area. FAILED 1/6/0

Proposal #273 – Require permits for subsistence or personal use harvest of herring eggs. FAILED 1/6/0

Proposal #325 – Chum Troller Assoc. proposal to develop a targeted chum troll fishery in District 12 & 14. AMENDED / PASSED 6/0/1 SEE RC 97 for regulatory language.

Proposal #326 – Chum troll fishery in District 11-A in July. WITHDRAWN BY PROPOSER NO ACTION TAKEN (Withdrawn as compromise on Proposal #326)

Proposal #337 – Herring Cove Management Plan. AMENDED that basically put the current practices in regulatory language. PASSED 6/0/1

Proposal #260 – Include Stat areas 101-29 & 101-25 and the remaining portion of 101-27 in the THA for sport fishery and implement a bag limit of two king salmon for residents and non-residents in the expanded area and the fish would not count towards the non-resident annual limit. FAILED 0/7/0

Proposal #261 – Increase king salmon bag limit for residents and non-residents by one additional fish from June 1 – July 31st in the proposed expanded THA when the king salmon abundance index is 1.51 or higher. Non-resident annual limit would apply. FAILED 0/7/0

Proposal #331 – Submitted by SSRAA to revise the Neets Bay THA deleting current schedules in regulation and allowing the Board to set fishing schedules in response to broodstock, cost recovery and the status of the SE Enhanced Allocation Plan. AMENDED to: After July 4th the first opening will go to the net gear group farthest behind in the SE Enhanced Allocation Plan. PASSED 7/0/0

Proposal #285 – Remove the 58 foot vessel length requirement in combination with a second permit. FAILED 1/5/1

Proposal #286 – Change the vessel length from 58 feet to 75 feet. FAILED 0/6/1

Proposal #287 – A seine permit holder in the West Behm Canal herring sac roe fishery to designate another permit holder to fish their equal share. NO ACTION (don’t have the legal authority )

Proposal #247 – Develop a Juneau roadside fishery management plan. NO ACTION (don’t have the regulatory authority as written)

Proposal #268 – Dept proposal withdrawn that would clarify personal use finfish regulations. NO ACTION

THE BOARD OF FISH TOOK NO ACTION ON THE FOLLOWING PROPOSAL AS REQUESTED BY THE JOINT RPT INDUSTRY CONSENSUS AGREEMENT (Proposals #’s 289; 290; 291; 295; 296; 297; 298; 308; 323; 324; 332; 333; and 336.

The Board of Fish is done with the Committe of the Whole and committee will start tomorrow morning.

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SE Board of Fish

The Board of Fish started deliberating on some of the proposals that they discussed in the committee of the whole. According to my notes here are the actions that have been taken so far.

Proposal #210: AMENDED to(summarized language): A person sport-fishing from a charter vessel when releasing a non-pelagic rockfish shall immediately utilize a deep water release mechanism to return the rockfish to the bottom near where the fish was hooked or to at least a 100 feet in depth whichever is shallower. PASSED 7/0/0

Proposal #211: No Action based on #210

Proposal #212: Change the rockfish allocation from 16% sport/84% commercial to 25% sport/75% commercial. FAILED 0/6/1 after an attempt to amend to a 20/80% split failed for a lack of a second.

Proposal #216: AMENDED: Proposal was originally to repeal the annual limit. Proposal was amended to read: Non-resident bag limit is 4 fish, 4 in possession, no size limit except, in that portion of NSEI waters identified as Chatham Strait, North of Point Gardner an 8 fish annual limit will apply. Amended motion PASSED 6/1/0. It was clarified that Lynn Canal and Icy Straits is not part of Chatham Strait but there is not clarity on the upper boundary of Chatham Strait.

Proposal #217: AMENDED: Lingcod allocation guidelines for Eastern Gulf of Alaska Area. Believe the proposal was amended to take out the reference to increasing the GHR by 20,000 pounds. The proposal as written would reallocate the lingcod quota in the Icy Bay sub-district between the directed lingcod fishery 46%; longline bycatch 10%; and salmon troll bycatch 10%; maintaining the sport quota at the current 33.33% PASSED 7/0/0 (need to double check the final record on this proposal.

Proposal #219, 220, 221, 222 all FAILED 0/7/0 and all were proposals to either increase the GHR or reallocate lingcod.

More Deliberations in the morning and then they are hoping by afternoon to start committees.

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Board of Fish Meeting Starts Feb 24th in Ketchikan

The Board of Fish for Southeast Finfish, Groundfish and Herring Starts Friday Feb. 24th in Ketchikan.

The meeting can be viewed on line when in session at

Meeting Documents including Staff comments on proposals and ADFG Reports can be viewed here – scroll down to SE Fishfish meeting

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Comments on Small Vessel General Permit for Discharges Incidental to the Normal Operation of Vessels Less Than 79 Feet

The comment period for the draft permit ended today Feb. 21st. We are currently covered under a legislative exemption that ends December 19, 2013. SEAFA helped draft UFA’s comments and submitted these comments for SEAFA.
sVGP draft comments 2.20.12

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Southeast Alaska Sablefish Industry Meeting

ADFG announced on January 30th that they will hold an industry meeting with Sablefish permit holder and interested individuals on Thursday March 8, 2012 at 12:30 to 4:30 pm. This meeting will be to discuss the status of Southeast Alaska inside waters sablefish stocks. In addition, NOAA Fisheries Service Staff will be in attendance to discuss status of sablefish stocks in federal waters of the Gulf of Alaska. The meeting will be held in Sitka at the NSRAA Conference room (1308 Sawmill Creek Road). Individuals unable to attend in person my participate via teleconference at the following locations.
Petersburg – ADFG Petersburg ARea Office
Juneau – ADFG Southeast Region Office in Douglas

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Seymour Canal Herring Sac Roe Quota

ADFG announced the Seymour Canal Herring Gillnet Sac Roe Fishery Quota for 2012 on January 30th. Seymour Canal (Section 11-D) will have a Guideline Harvest Level (GHL) of 1,287 tons.
There will be no commercial fishery in Hobart Bay/Port Houghton (District 10)

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IPHC Announces 2012 Catch Limits and Season Dates

The IPHC made the following decisions on Friday Jan. 27th, 2012 concerning the 2012 Halibut season dates and catch limits.
2Aa 0.989
2Bb, includes sport 7.038
2C 2.624
3A 11.918
3B 5.070
4A 1.567
4B 1.869
4CDEc 2.465
Total 33.540
a Includes sport, tribal, and commercial fisheries.
b Includes sport and commercial fisheries.
c Individual catch limits for Areas 4C, 4D, and 4E are determined by the NPFMC catch sharing plan.

Season dates March 17th to October 31st. The earlier date is basically to give staff more time to develop catch limit recommendations and have all the information to work with.

Reverse slot limit for Area 2C halibut charter fleet was adopted (under 45 – over 68) Council also adopted a plan to include wastage and careful release education

The Conference Board, Processor Advisory Group and Staff presentations are all posted HERE: The conference board made at least five motions regarding by-catch, The Canadians supported with US opposing a motion that would designate Area 3A an area of concern which would drop the harvest rate resulting in a catch limit of 6.95 million pounds. The CB also voted in support again of last years proposal to investigate the use of tags for accounting of all non-commercial removals.

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King and Tanner Task Force

The King and Tanner Task Force (KTTF) met by teleconference on January 12, 2012 prior to the Board of Fish meetings. At this meeting they discussed membership of the task force, board of fish proposals and the Board of Fish charge which was presented to the Board. The Board adopted the new charge which will replace the charge adopted in 2001.

Charge to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game and Southeast Alaska King and Tanner Crab Task Force

The Southeast Alaska King and Tanner Crab Task Force (KTTF) is an advisory industry group that meets annually with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) to exchange information on Southeast Alaska commercial king and Tanner crab fisheries. The Alaska Board of Fisheries (Board) directs ADF&G and KTTF to work together collaboratively for the following purposes:
Evaluation and design of research plans;
Stock assessment and survey design;
Fishery data collection;
Management issues of mutual concern;
Long-term management plans and goals.

Additionally, the KTTF and ADF&G will work together toward achieving consensus on king and Tanner management proposals for the board.

The king and Tanner crab fisheries and associated regulations should be compatible with a vision for the sustainable management of the Southeast Alaska crab fisheries, outlined as follows:
Abundance based management by area with preseason GHLs, incorporating information about all stock segments;
Survey and stock assessment protocols in place that are understood by stakeholders;
In-season management targeting specific area GHLs;
Follow the policies set out in the Board’s king and Tanner crab policy;
Maintain the concurrent Tanner and golden king crab fisheries.

Click KTTF Meeting 1.12.12 for a copy of the meeting notes submitted to the Board of Fish for the Jan 12, 2012 teleconference

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