ADFG Announces Personal Use Red & Blue King Crab Fishery

ADFG announced the personal use Red & Blue king crab fishery for 2010 in three news releases.  The season will open for the majority of Southeast Alaska on July 1st except 5 areas will be closed and District 11-A in Juneau will have a modified season.  The five areas that will be closed are:  1.) Endicott & Tracey Arm; 2.) Pybus Bay; 3.) Port Fredrick; 4.) Seymour Canal; and 5.) Excursion Inlet.

The District 11-A (Backside of Douglas/Juneau) saw a slightly improved stock status in the 2010 survey so a modified season will open from 12:01 am July 1st to 9:00 pm July 5th with the following restrictions: 1.) summer seasonal limit of 2 crab per household; 2.) daily bag and possession limit of 2 crab per permit; 3.) Only 1 pot per permit/vessel; and 4.) harvest ticket/record must be returned by August 1st.

Please read ADFG news releases for all the details and area descriptions.

ADFG News Releases

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