Dr Larry Robinson Confirmed as Asst. Secretary of Commerce for Oceans & Atmospere at NOAA

May 7th, the US Senate confirmed Dr. Larry Robinson by unanimous consent to serve as Assistance Secretary of oceans and Atmosphere at NOAA.  Dr. Robinson will help guide policy and program direction for NOAA’s conservation, protection and resource management priorities.

“Protecting valuable coastal ecosystems and marine life while promoting resilient coastal communities is critical to the economic well-being and health of the nation,” U.S Secretary Gary Locke said. “Dr Robinson has broad, interdisciplinary scientific expertise in marine and coastal ecosystems and understands how they contribute to economic and societal health.  His proven capability as a visionary leader and experience integrating many complex program objectives will advance NOAA’s efforts to ensure the health an vitality of coastal communities and the resources on which they depend.”

“Having spent so many years working on ocean and coastal ecosystem issues, I am excited to be joining NOAA at this dynamic and challenging time,” said Dr. Robinson.  “As we confront climate change and other threats to our coastal communities, I look forward to helping develop and implement national ocan policy, and working with fishing communities and councils around  the country to effectively manage our valuable fisheries. there is so much important work to be done that benefits the economy, the environment and our communities.”

Dr. Larry Robinson was the vice president for research and a professor in the Environmental Sciences Institute at Florida A&M University.  Since 2001, he has served as director of the NOAA Environmental Cooperative Science Center headquartered at Florida A&M University, which consists of a broad, multi-institutional consortium of predominantly minority-serving institutions. 

Dr Robinson graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Memphis State University in 1979 and earned a doctorate in nuclear chemistry from Washington University in St Louis in 1984.

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