RPT Meeting Announcement



Tuesday, April 6, 2010 (9:00 a.m.) and  Wednesday, April 7, 2010 (9:00 a.m.) 

NSRAA Board Room 1308 Sawmill Creek Road, Sitka, Alaska 99835 

Juneau. . .The Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G), announces the Joint, Northern, and Southern Southeast Regional Planning Teams Spring 2010 meeting will be held at the above time and place. Tuesday, April 6 a workshop to discuss the development of a long-term solution to address allocation imbalances within the current allocation management plan will be held. These meetings will be open to the public. The Regional Planning Teams consist of representatives of salmon fishing gear groups and regional ADF&G representatives. The Planning Teams were established by the Commissioner of ADF&G for the purpose of development and amendment of comprehensive salmon plans; making recommendations concerning private non-profit hatchery permit alteration requests (PARs); and the allocation of enhanced fish throughout Southeast. 

The RPT will vote on PARs submitted by: 1) Southern Southeast Regional Aquaculture Association to; a) allow Whitman Lake Hatchery to collect Chinook salmon eggs for POWHA, b) allow Whitman Lake Hatchery to collect coho eggs for Neets Bay Hatchery, c) change permit accounting to allow Neets Bay Hatchery to collect chum salmon eggs for Whitman Lake Hatchery, d) establish a permitted capacity of chum salmon eggs at Burnett Inlet Hatchery, e) allow Neets Bay Hatchery to collect chum salmon eggs for Burnett Inlet Hatchery, 2) Prince of Wales Hatchery Association to; a) change broodstock of the Coffman Cove project from Unuk River Chinook stock to Chickamin River Chinook stock, b) increase permitted capacity of  Klawock Hatchery from 5M green coho eggs to 6M green coho eggs, 3) Northern Southeast Regional Aquaculture Association to; a) increase permitted capacity of Hidden Falls Hatchery from 6.1M green coho eggs to 6.9M green coho eggs, b) increase permitted capacity of Hidden Falls Hatchery from 91M green chum eggs to 136M green chum eggs, 4) Douglas Island Pink and Chum inc. to; increase permitted capacity of Macaulay Salmon Hatchery from 121M green chum eggs to 125M green chum eggs, 5) Armstrong Keta Inc. to; a) change the permitted capacity from 85M green pink salmon eggs and 30M green chum eggs to a combined permitted capacity of 115M combined pink and chum eggs with no more than 50M being chum eggs and no more than 85M being pink eggs, b) allow collection of an additional 50M green chum eggs for other hatcheries. The Joint Southeast Regional Planning Team will make a recommendation to the commissioner regarding the review of the final 2008 enhancement allocation numbers and the preliminary 2009 enhancement numbers for Southeast Alaska. The RPT will discuss Sheldon Jackson Hatchery chum salmon monitoring and possibly additional hatchery topics. 

PDF copies of PARs can be found at http://www.cf.adfg.state.ak.us/geninfo/enhance/enhance.php

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