Deep Inlet Rotational Schedule

     The following information is my understanding of the motion just passed at the NSRAA board meeting.

     The NSRAA Board has made some changes to the way the Deep Inlet rotation schedule will be conducted.    Rather than try to conduct cost recovery throughout the season, Deep Inlet THA will be closed when the chum runs builds in strength in August, closed until cost recovery is reached and then re-opened.  Staff will attempt to close the fishery following gillnet days and after cost recovery is done the troll fleet will get two days in the terminal harvest area followed by 2 seine days and then 2 days and thereafter it will be two seine/two gillnet continuously.

     Between June 21st and August 8th the Deep Inlet rotation will be Seine on Sundays, Thursday and Fridays; Gillnet on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Saturdays;  Troll on Saturday. 

     After August 8th the schedule will be 2 seine days followed by 2 gillnet days until closed for cost recovery.

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