AFN Posts their Subsistence Resolution and Others

AFN posted all the resolutions passed at their annual convention in October of 2009 including the resolution regarding subsistence that had a lot of press. They can be viewed at

The Subsistence resolution Therefore be it RESOLVED Clauses are:

1. Seek immediate Congressional oversight hearings in Alaska to be held before the U.S. Senate Committe on Indian Affairs and House Committee on Natural Resources regarding, access to and takings of, customary and traditional subsistence resources by Alaska Natives, Alaska Native Corporations, and the federally recognized tribes; and

2. Seek immediate consultation between Alaska Native corporations, federally recognized tribes in Alaska, and Departments of the Interior, Agriculture and Commerce, to develop recommendations for a new subsistence management scheme that will protect the traditional subsistence way of life of Alaska Natives and other rural residents, and that will ensure full participation of Alaska Natives in the management scheme; and

3. Seek to replace the Federal Subsistence Board with a federally-chartered or authorized entity whose membership will be comprised of subsistence users rather than federal employees; and

4. Encourage President Obama to issue an Executive Order that advises the Federal Subsistence Board and the Office of Subsistence Management that Title VIII is Indian Legislation enacted under the plenary authority of Congress over Indian Affairs, and that directs the Federal Subsistence Board and Office of Subsistence Management to implement a subsistence management scheme or program in accordance with the Executive Order; and

5.  Revoke the 2008 Memorandum of Understanding between the Federal Subsistence Board and the State of Alaska, Department of Fish and Game, and to remove the State’s non-voting seat from the Federal Subsistence Board; and

6. Direct the Secretary of the Interior to fully implement his trust responsibility to Alaska Natives, Alaska Native Corporations adn the federally recognized tribes, and to direct the employees within the Department of the Interior to honor this relationship; and

7. Direct the Secretary of the Interior to interpret broadly the scope of federal jurisdiction over the management of subsistence resources on public lands and reserved waters, and to extend by regulation the subsistence priority to waters that run through and adjacent to Native allotments and to waters upstream and downstream from federally reserved waters; and

8. Rescind the Federal Subsistence Board’s determination that the Organized Village of Saxman; and any other Alaska Native Village similarly affected, is not a rural community; and

9.  Amend ANILCA to provide for Alaska Native Peoples customary and traditional hunting, fishing and gathering rights Plus Rural subsistence priority;

10.  Seek legislation that provides Alaska Native Corporations the authority to opt into a provision ensuring a federally protected customary and traditional hunting and fishing right on corporation lands and associated waters for Alaska Natives associated with the ANCSA corporations, and legislation that allows for the taking of moose and other subsistence resources necessary for the potlatch and other ceremonies; and

11.  Advocate for a state and federal Subsistence Support Program in rural Alaska to help offset the drastically increased cost of transportation to harvest subsistence foods; and

12.  Amend the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act to include designated voting seats on the North Pacific Fisheries Management Council for federally tribes and/or Alaska Native organizations representing rural subsistence users;

13. Fully fund co-management initiatives adn infrastructure to ensure Alaska Native participation in the subsistence management process; and

14. Call for federal resources to be made available for research, protection and enhancement of subsistence resources in Alaska, and

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that the delegates of the Annual Convention of the Alaska Federation of Natives hereby directs the Alaska Federation of Natives that one of the top and ongoing priorities for Alaska Federation of Natives shall be to address this resolution regarding subsistence concerns of all Alaska Natives.

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