Halibut Charter Lawsuit Update

Judge Rosemary Collyer issued her opinion on the preliminary injunction yesterday, granted intevenor status to (1) commercial fishermen Linda Behnken, Annah Taft Perry, Ryan Nichols, Josh Moore, David Gibson, Sherri and Kurt Wohlhueter, and Christopher Knight; (2) halibut processors Seafood Producers Cooperative, Halibut Association of North America, and North Pacific Seafoods, Inc.; (3) subsistence fisherman Carolyn Heuer; (4) commercial and subsistence fishermen of the Hoonah Indian Association; and (5) the local communities City of Pelican and City of Port Alexander on behalf of the Halibut Coalition, and the Metlakatla Indian Community along with a schedule of the dates court filings would be due.  The court briefing schedule is as follows:  Federal Defendants shall f¡le an Answer and the administrative record by July 6, 2009; Plaintiffs shall file a motion for summary judgment by July 17, 2009; Federal and lntervenor Defendants shall file cross motions for summary judgment combined with oppositions to Plaintiffs’ motion by July 28, 2009; Plaintiffs shall file a combined opposition and reply brief by August 10, 2009; Federal and lntervenor Defendants may file a reply no later than August 17, 2009.  Judge Collyer denied the preliminary injunction to halt implementation of the one halibut daily bag limit per charter client in SE AK (Area 2C) on June 4th, the day before the rule went into effect.   Preliminary Injunction Opinion

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