Don Giles to Retire from Icicle Seafoods

Dennis Guhlke will take over as CEO of Icicle Seafoods in July from Don Giles who has been with Icicle for over 36 years and CEO for the last 14 years.  Dennis Guhlke has worked for Icicle Seafoods as the Chief Financial Officer for the last 16 years.  Icicle Seafoods is based in Seattle and is now considered one of the largest and most diversified seafood companies in Alaska.  Its core businesses is the primary processing of Alaska seafood in most major fisheries of Alaska both shore-based and floating processing facilities.  Species include salmon, pollock, crab, halibut, cod, sablefish and herring.  Icicle Seafoods also owns Smoki Foods, the largest United States owned and operated salmon farming company, which produces salmon fillets and value-added salmon products in the Pacific Northwest, and a joint venture in Chile.

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