Canada Sets One Halibut Daily Recreational Limit

As of March 1st Canada Dept of Fish and Oceans (DFO) implemented a coast wide opening of the recreational halibut fishery with a daily limit at the start of the season is one (1) per day with a total possession limit of two (2). 

In a letter from the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans addressed to the Sport Fishing Advisory Board it stated,  ”For 2009, Canada has agreed to a Canadian TAC of 7,630,000 pounds.  This results from a 10.4% reduction in the coast-wide Canada-US catch this year.  While it will be challenging, the Department (DFO) will plan Canadian Fisheries to meet this obligation.  As well, the existing domestic allocation framework will remain with an 88:12 sharing arrangement and provisions for agreed adjustments.”

The official notice did not include a closing date, but the season can be shortened and will close prematurely if the 12% catch ceiling is exceeded and no or insufficient compensated transfer occurs to offset for fishing over the 12% of the halibut TAC by the recreational sector according to the local sport fishing advisory board chair from Victoria.

DFO Announcement 

Letter from Minister of Fisheries & Oceans

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