Board of Fish Actions – Sport Fishery Committee

   Proposal #286 – fails – redefine possession limits.  The board committed to developing a task force to address the definition of possession limits; preserved vs unpreserved product; possible changes to the daily and possession limit for individual species if changes to the possession limit definition is adopted by the task force; labeling of sport fish; transfer of possession and access to the sport fishermen’s catch at all times to enforcement and creel census samplers at all times until arriving at their residence or leaving the state. Proposal #137 – failed as amended – SEAFA’s proposal to establish a daily bag limit of two fish for all species unless otherwise specified.  Board immediately offered substitute language to address blackcod only.  The first amendment was for a sport fish bag limit of 6 blackcod daily; no possession limit and no annual limit.  A suggested amendment was for 2 fish daily 4 fish annual limit that never was seconded.  Another amendment was offered that changed the bag limit to 2 fish daily/ 4 fish in possession and 8 annual for non-residents. Amendment failed 3 / 4 .  Vote on the main motion of 6 daily/ no annual limit failed 3 / 4.  So at this point in the meeting there was still no bag limits on black cod. see proposal #298 for continuation of this blackcod bag limits.Proposal #288 – fails 1/5 – Establish a non-resident coho salmon annual limit of 12 fish and require non-transferable harvest record in possession when angling for coho salmon.

Proposal #289 – fails 2/5 – require nonresidents to record coho harvest on a non-transferable harvest record.

Proposal #293 – fails – Increase limits for harvest of dogfish and change reporting requirements.

Proposal #294 – fails – close regional aquaculture association terminal harvest areas to guided sport harvest of salmon not financed by the state.

Proposal #298 – passes as amended 6/1 – original proposal dealt with allowing the use of electric reels.  The proposal was amended to deal with the bag limit issue on blackcod.  The amendment was for sport fishery daily bag limit of 4 fish daily/ 8 in possession / 12 annual limit.   At the end of the meeting the Board reconsidered blackcod bag limits and changed the bag limit to 2 daily 4 in possession and 8 annual.   

Proposal #297 – tabled until the Statewide finfish meeting in March of 2010.  Possible language was submitted for consideration at the meeting that would allow electric reels that are meant for sport fishing. 

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