Board of Fish Actions – Ground Fish Committee

Proposal #43 – no action as it doesn’t apply to groundfish fisheries in the Eastern Gulf of Alaska – delete portions of groundfish guiding principals
Proposal #331 – no action – Close guided sport and commercial bottom fisheries in Port Fredrick between Christ Point and Cannery Point. 

Proposal #332 – no action – close area around Naha Bay for all bottom fishing

Proposal #333 – fails 1/5 – Amend the regulation to raise the GHL for lingcod in central outside Southeast Alaska area

Proposal #334 – no action – increase the allocation of lingcod to sport fishery

Proposal #335 – no action – allocate lingcod equally between the sport fishery and the directed commercial dinglebar fishery.

Proposal #336 – passed with amended language – Lingcod bycatch rates will be adjusted on a sliding basis up to 20%

(a)    In the Southeast District, a vessel fishing for(1)   Deleted(2)   Sablefish may not land or have on board lingcod, expect as specified in (3) of this subsection;(3)   Halibut and sablefish at the same time may not land or have on board lingcod in excess of the amount of bycatch set by the department specified in the first emergency order of the season, by round weight of all halibut on board the vessel.  The commissioner may, be emergency order, close the fishing season and immediately reopen the season with a different bycatch level based on harvest data.Proposal #337 – no action – make surplus dinglebar quota available to the troll fleet.Proposal #338 – fails – allow trollers to retain lingcod as bycatch during April in the Icy Bay Subdistrict. ADFG opposed based on conservation concerns of nest guarding males.

Proposal #339  – passes 5/2 – Nonresident bag and possession limit of one lingcod 55 inches or greater in length; from May 16-November 30; one fish annual limit.

Proposal #340 – No action, intent unclear – amend boundary for lingcod sport fishery near Cross Sound and Yakobi Island

Proposal #341 – Passes as amended – this proposal originally asked to modify the allocation of demersal shelf rockfish between commercial and sport fisheries from 84/16 to 75/25.  The Board amended the proposal only to provide the clarification that the Dept requested that the subsistence harvest be taken off the top before splitting the TAC between the commercial and sport fishery at 84%/16%.  During the Board deliberations on this proposal one board member suggested amending the proposal that either sector harvesting by 5% over would require the fishery to be closed. This amendment was never seconded.

Proposal #342 – passes – proposal considered housekeeping – clarify split season allocations for DSR in internal waters.

Proposal #343 – fails – open a summer season for directed fishing of demersal shelf rockfish. 

Proposal #344 – fails – Extend the commercial DSR fishery into the summer months for jig gear in internal water areas

Proposal #345/346 – passes as amended – allows for the bycatch allowances of DSR in the groundfish fisheries to be adjusted based on harvest data.

Proposal #347 – fails – restore the directed fishing for slope rockfish in internal waters

Proposal #348 – passes – clarify intent of full retention regulations – considered housekeeping proposal.

Proposal #349/350 – no action – require the use of a recompression device for releasing rockfish caught in sport fisheries in SE AK – Board did encourage the use of the device while more studying was done.

Proposal #351 – no action – require the use of a recompression device for releasing rockfish caught in commercial fisheries.

Proposal #352 – no action – Require the release of demersal shelf rockfish in excess of a sport fish angler’s bag limit at or near the bottom.

Proposal # 353 – fails – require the retention of yelloweye rockfish and add specifications to release of other rockfish

Proposal #354 – passes – allow the sale of up to bycatch limits of black rockfish captured in areas closed to the directed fishing of black rockfish.

Proposal #355 – fails – allow directed black rockfish fishing in areas currently closed except for Sitka Sound

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