Board of Fish Actions – Net Committee

The Board of Fish meeting ended February 26 at 7:15pm.  The meeting was confusing, you couldn’t report on what was happening until the final gavel came down as it kept changing. I will keep posting as I get the actions for each committee typed up. 


The Board of Fish accepted the Joint RPT Consensus and backed up and acknowledged all parts of the agreement and working through Proposal #273.  They put into regulation will be a one to one ratio between gillnet/seine after the third Sunday in June in Deep Inlet for the 2009 season through the end of the 2011 season; a one to one ratio between gillnet/seine in Anita Bay for the 2009 season through the end of the 2011 season; and after June 20 a ratio of one to one between the gillnet/seine when a rotational fishery occurs in Neets Bay.

Because of the acceptance of the joint RPT action they took no action on Proposals 244, 245, 246, 267, 268, 269, 271, 273, and 274.

Proposal #247:  No action taken by board to allow trolling in District 8 beginning July 1 consistent with the drift gillnet openings.

Proposal #248: Passed – Yakutat proposal to uncouple the troll and set gillnet openings during the summer troll season, from Aug 7 through September 20, and would make the management of the each fishery independent.

Proposal #249-252:  Passed – the Board passed regulations to allow both troll and gillnet gear to be onboard at the same time with either the net bagged and tied shut below deck or the cannonballs below deck and the requirement that all fish from one fishery must be unloaded before entering the next fishery.  And to allow troll gear to be onboard while seining with the cannonballs stored below deck, when trolling the seine net must be removed from the vessel when trolling and the requirement that all fish from one fishery must be unloaded before entering the next fishery.

Proposal #86:  No action to repeal the length limit of seine vessels

Proposal #253:  Proposal to increase the allowable length of the salmon seine vessels in SE to 75 feet hull length was moved to the restructuring committee.

Proposal #254:  Failed – to change the measurement of seine vessels as hull length exclusive of rollers on the bow, stern rollers or other extensions including platforms.

Proposal #255:  Failed – to allow additional fishing time for permit holders who acquire a second entry permit for the gillnet fishery.  Dept opposed due to management concerns.

Proposal #256:  Failed – to allow additional gear for permit holders who acquire a second entry permit for the drift gillnet fishery.

Proposal #257 & 258 – Failed to change the start date of the gillnet fishery to Mondays.

Proposal #259 – Passed – changes the start time of the District 8 gillnet fishery for one more week in the month of June under the King Salmon Management Plan.

Proposal #260 – Failed 1/5      – would open a portion of District 7 outside of Anita Bay THA to seining whenever gillnetting is open in the adjacent area of District 8.

Proposal #261 – no action taken as the intent of the proposal was unclear – Proposal was for management plans for the seine fleet in Districts 11, 12 & 14.

Proposal #262 – Fails – would have placed additional restrictions on the seine fishery in upper Chatham Strait and would have prevented ADFG index fishery at Point Augusta from being conducted.

Proposal #263 – Failed – allow two legal limits of seine gear on board a vessel in SE Alaska

Proposal #264 – No action – would close commercial salmon fishing form July 1 through July 15 in the Klawock area.

Proposal #265 – Passes – Amend regulations to change the opening and closing dates for sockeye in the Klawock area.

Proposal #272 – Fails – requests the development of a management plan for Gunnuk Creek Hatchery at Kake.  The proposal would limit the common property harvest to seining and trolling and that the seine fishery be an equal split fishery in the THA.

Proposal #275-285:  Passed – ADFG housekeeping proposals on hatchery management plans.

McDonald Lake Sockeye Salmon Action Plan – the McDonald Lake was accepted as a stock of concern and the action plan was adopted.  The action plan consists of the restrictions in the gillnet and seine fleet as it has been the past couple of years.

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