Pre-Filed State of Alaska Legislation

The first batch of pre-filed State of Alaska legislation is now available.  We have reviewed the legislation submitted to date and found the following legislation would have an effect on commercial fishing.  Legislature starts on January 20, 2009.

HB 12 An Act establishing the Alaska Council on Invasive Species in the Department of Fish and Game

HB 20 An Act relating to commercial fishing loans for energy efficiency upgrades

HB 41 An Act relating to participation in matters before the Board of Fisheries by members of the board and to the definition of ‘immediate family member’ under the Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act as that Act applies to members of the Board of Fisheries; and providing for an effective date

HB 43 An Act relating to aquatic farm permitting involving geoducks and to geoduck seed transfers between certified hatcheries and aquatic farms

SB 3 An Act authorizing an Alaska regional development organization to use the Alaska Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission as an informational resource

SB 14 An Act expanding the motor fuel tax suspension period

HB 53 An Act relating to eligibility for membership on state boards, commissions, and authorities

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