Deputy Director of Commercial Fisheries Announced

Sue Aspelund, who has been working as a special assistant to the Commissioner of Fish & Game was appointed to the vacant Deputy Director of Commercial Fisheries position and will transition into the position by November 17th. 

Sue has worked the last five years as a Special Assistant to the Commissioner providing policy advice on a variety of marine fisheries issues including Gulf of Alaska groundfish, halibut, and the Magnuson-Stevens Act. She has also overseen the Southeast Sustainable Salmon Fund (SSSF), which was renamed the Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery Fund (PCSRF), which was renamed the Alaska Sustainable Salmon Fund (AKSSF) – are you getting dizzy?  Prior to working for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Sue was Executive Director for the Cordova District Fishermen United (CDFU) and she was a set gillnet fisherman in Bristol Bay and longtime member of the local Fish and Game Advisory Committee.    

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