Appointments to the Pacific Salmon Commission Panels Press Release

Governor Palin Makes Pacific Salmon Commission Panel Appointments 

October 6, 2008, Anchorage, Alaska – Governor Sarah Palin today announced her nominations and appointments to two panels that support the Pacific Salmon Commission, established by a 1985 U.S.-Canada treaty on managing salmon originating in Southeast Alaska/Northern British Columbia rivers. 


Pacific Salmon Commission – Transboundary Panel 


Governor Palin nominated Dale Kelley, and re-nominated James Becker, Rod Brown, Arnold Enge and Gary Gray and to the Pacific Salmon Commission’s Transboundary Panel. 

The Transboundary Panel supports the Pacific Salmon Treaty, signed by Alaska and Canada in 1985 to protect salmon stocks, by providing information and recommendations to the Pacific Salmon Commission on management of in-river and terminal fisheries for salmon originating in the Alsek, Taku, and Stikine Rivers in Southeast Alaska and Northern British Columbia.  The governor’s nominations are subject to final appointment by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce. 


Kelley, of Juneau, has served as executive director of the Alaska Trollers Association since 1989.  She has also served on the board of United Fishermen of Alaska, and as a commissioner to the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission. Additionally, she was an alternate member of the Pacific Salmon Commission’s Northern Panel for three years. 


Becker, of Douglas, has been a commercial fisherman for more than 35 years and is a lifetime resident of the Juneau area.  He is a board member of United Southeast Alaska Gillnetters Association and the Juneau Chamber of Commerce.  Becker was first appointed to the panel in 2000. 


Brown, of Wrangell, is a retired biology, marine biology, math and photography teacher.  He fished commercially during the summers and is an avid sport fisherman who has lived in Wrangell since 1969.  He was first appointed to the panel in 2005. 


Enge is a longtime Petersburg resident who gillnets for salmon and herring and fishes halibut.  He serves as vice-chair of the Petersburg Fish and Game Advisory Committee.  Enge was first appointed to the panel in 2000. 


Gray, of Yakutat, operates a lodge and provides guide services for hunters and fishermen in the Yakutat area.  He fished as a commercial setnetter for 15 years and serves as a member of the Yakutat Fish and Game Advisory Committee.  Gray was first appointed to the panel in 2006. 


Pacific Salmon Commission – Northern Panel 


Governor Palin reappointed Gordy Williams and Brian Frenette to the Pacific Salmon Commission’s Northern Panel.  The panel provides technical and regulatory advice to the Pacific Salmon Commission. 


Williams, of Juneau, is a special assistant to Fish and Game Commissioner Denby Lloyd.  He was reappointed to serve as Alaska’s representative to the panel for fish management.  


Frenette, of Juneau, is Southeast regional supervisor for the state Division of Sport Fish.  He was reappointed to serve as Alaska’s alternate to the panel. 

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