Tulsequah Chief Mine Update

Redcorp provided the following update on the Tulsequah Chief Mine

 September continues to be a busy month on the Tulsequah Project.   Construction of the road is continuing with the priority of completing the remaining causeway and remaining 1 km of road.          
Earlier this month Ampex Mining of Whitehorse, underground contractors, arrived on site and began removing the old water and air pipes as well as  the track used during the operations in the 1950′s. This underground work is being done to prepare for modern mining which will use bigger piping and a trackless operation. 
The first of the Procon Mining & Tunneling equipment arrived on site by barge.  Water treatment plant supplies have also arrived as well as two of the 8 generators that will be used to power the mine.  Upon completion of the road and setup of the water treatment plant we will commence moving historic waste rock to the new disposal sites, one of the first steps to cleaning up the site and continuing the development of the mine.
Fabrication and assembly of the Air Cushion Barge is well underway with frame and hull fabrication at 60% complete.

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