NPFMC Scheduled to take Final Action on Halibut Charter Issues/Allocation

The North Pacific Fishery Management Council will be meeting starting September 29th with the Advisory Panel taking up halibut charter issues Monday morning.  The Council will start on Wednesday and take up halibut after B-report are over (Wed. – Oct 1st).  The Council expects halibut to take up to 14 hours but I believe that it will take longer than that.  The Council will be taking final action on the halibut charter allocation and leasing provisions between the sectors and 3A management measures.  The charter industry has announced that they have “A New Proposal” which would guarantee them a two fish bag limit unless there is conservation concern coastwide.  Their proposal can be viewed on the Charter Halibut Task  Force website at:  The Halibut Coalition has a website they developed this summer that can be viewed at:

The council agenda can be viewed at:

The Council motion that is being acted on:

The Council analysis should be posted approximately September 2nd at: (right side of the screen under meeting materials)

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