Salmon MSC Certification Guaranteed Through 2009

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification is guaranteed through 2009, in order for the 2010 salmon season to be covered an annual audit must be performed in 2009.  ADFG is looking for an alternative client to take over the responsibilities and cost of the MSC certification.  The Alaska salmon fishery is the only fishery that the management agency is the client rather than the processors or trade organizations.  ADFG sent MSC a letter asking about the possibility and the method to allow a different client to replace them.  The difficulties in replacing ADFG as the client is that the Alaska salmon fishery is certified as a whole, it is unlikely that there is any appropriate trade organization or processor that serves all fisheries in the state and would want to take on the whole state fisheries while there will likely be interest in specific fisheries. 

ADFG Letter to MSC Aug 2008

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