IPHC Apportionment Meeting

IPHC Workshop on Biomass Apportionment – September 4th, 2008

The International Pacific Halibut Commission adopted a coastwide stock assessment methodology at its 2008 Anual Meeting. Ths methodology accommodates movement of halibut at all ages and determines a single coastwide estimate of exploitable biomass.

This single coastwide estimate is then apportioned into IPHC regulatory area estimates using data from the fishery-independent IPHC setline stock assessment survey and estimates of bottom area from each regulatory area. This apportionment resulted in a different distribution of the exploitable biomass than had been estimated with the previous closed-area stock assessments. At the 2008 Anual Meeting, the IPHC Commissioners and industr endorsed the coastwide stock assessment methodology but wished to have fuher investigation of methods for apportioning the coastwde exploitable biomass estimate into IPHC regulatory area estimates of biomass and catch limits. In addition, the Commission requested that the staff update industr on the most recent results and understanding of halibut movements arsing from Commssion tagging programs, paricularly the PIT -tag experiment. This workshop wil address both of these issues. The workshop wil be held at the Red Lion hotel in Bellevue, W A on September 4th, 2008. A registration form for the workshop with details on the venue is attached to this News Release. Registration forms must be received by August 15, 2008. An online registration and other workshop information can be found at:


The workshop wil cover: updated information on movement of halibut from PIT and P AT tagging experiments; the survey-based apportionment of coastwide exploitable biomass used by Commission staff for the 2008 catch limit determination; alternate methods to apportion coastwide exploitable biomass; and, estimated impacts on harest rates and stock biomass from the use of specific apportionment methods. Relevant documents are located on the meeting website at: http://www.iphc.washington.edu/halcom/meetings/workshop2008/bawdocs.htm

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