Habitat Move Back to ADFG Underway

the following email from Commissioner of Fish and Game was posted on the internet and thought I would post it on this site, to provide an update of what is happening on the move of habitat division back to ADFG.

From: Lloyd, Denby S (DFG)
Sent: Thursday, April 24, 2008 3:57 PM
To: DFG.All.Staff; DNR OHMP

Subject: Update on the Habitat Move
I wanted to provide you all an update regarding the move of Habitat Division (OHMP-DNR) back to ADF&G:
1.) The main organizational components of the new Habitat Division have been formulated. The structure includes 3 new Regional Supervisor positions: in Juneau, Anchorage, and Fairbanks. These positions will be posted on Workplace Alaska this week and all qualified ADF&G and OHMP staff are encouraged to apply. Kerry Howard, Al Ott, and Charlie Swanton will be the hiring team for these regional supervisor slots.

2.) While the new Regional Supervisors are learning their jobs, the other 4 existing OHMP Area Offices (Palmer, Soldotna, Petersburg, and Prince of Wales) will continue to report to the OHMP Operations Manager (who will be reclassified to an ADF&G Deputy Director). Eventually these Area Managers will report to their geographic regional supervisors, as is the model elsewhere within ADF&G.

3.) Although Executive Order 114 doesn’t go into effect until July 1st, the OHMP Anchorage office will physically move to Raspberry Road on May 23rd. Plans are also underway to move the Juneau OHMP offices to Douglas and Headquarters offices of ADF&G. Thanks to all Divisions for their assistance and cooperation in finding space for ADF&G’s new employees.

4.) Seven Sport Fish Region V permitting staff will be joining the new Habitat Division. Over the last 4 years, these staff have made great progress in enhancing the management of legislatively-designated Special Areas. I would like to see that enhancement continue when Habitat assumes the special area duties. For the first time, Habitat will have two staff dedicated to Special Area planning and I’ve requested that the Divisions of Habitat and Wildlife Conservation staff work closely together to ensure coordinated management of these areas. Special area permitting will be done by Habitat biologists, by geographic area, which is how the former Habitat Division historically operated at ADF&G.
Now that the organizational and logistical aspects of the Habitat move are in play, it is time to focus upon developing a vision, mission statement, core services, and guiding principles on how the reconstituted Habitat Division will best help the department provide opportunities for resource development while conserving Alaska’s fish and wildlife.
As I have said before, I am excited to have Habitat return to ADF&G. I thank all of you for your continued assistance. And, I want to share my appreciation of Kerry Howard, Ken Taylor, and Tom Brookover for their efforts and forbearance; they’ve been working hard to make this transition smooth and effective.
If you have questions or concerns about the move, please feel free to contact Kerry, Ken, or Tom.
Best, DL.
Denby S. Lloyd
Alaska Department of Fish and Game
P.O. Box 115526
Juneau, AK 99811-5526

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