NPFMC Halibut Charter Issue

At the NPFMC meeting,  approximately 77 individuals or representatives of associations testified on the halibut charter issue.  There was a good showing of commercial fishermen testifying at both the Council meeting and in front of the Advisory panel.  We will need to repeat this at the October Council meeting when the final decision on the allocation between the commercial and charter industry will take place along with the rest of the elements in the catch sharing plan. 

During deliberations the State made the original motion which included maintaining the catch sharing plan with a few clarifications requested by staff that were agreed to by both the charter and commercial sectors.  Attached below is the original motion made by the state attached as a word document.  The motion ends on page 6 with the black line.  At the bottom of page 4 the bold and underlined text is providing directions to staff to describe in the analysis why the option had been developed the way it was.  The text came from a discussion amongst charter and commercial representatives while meeting to discuss the questions raised by staff that they wanted clarification of.

Ed Dersham as was expected put an amendment to raise the allocation ranges on the table which failed 6 to 4.  The charter industry was asking for an allocation option of fixed pounds of 2.7 Mlbs in 2C and 5.35 Mlbs in 3A during testimony.  Ed’s motion added an option under fixed percentage of 19.6% in 2C and 17.4% in 3A; and option under fixed pounds of 2.13Mlbs in 2C and 4.69 Mlbs in 3A; and 50% fixed/50% floating allocation of 19.6%/2.3Mlb in 2C and 17.4%/4.69Mlbs.  Voting for the motion was Ed Dersham, Dave Benson, Bill Tweit and Doug Meecum.  Voting against the motion was Denby Lloyd, Sam Cotton, Eric Olson, Roy Hyder, Gerry Merrigan and Duncan Fields.

Bill Tweit made a motion to add another alternative of allocation options that would have provided for a percentage allocation options that in years of lower biomass the allocation would be determined by the percentage of a combined commercial and charter catch but there would be a ceiling of 1.43 to 1.90 Mlbs in 2C and 3.65 to 4.15 Mlbs.  This motion failed with a vote of 7 to 3. 

Duncan Fields made a motion that failed on a 5 to 5 vote that would require commercial quota share holders from leasing their QS converted to charter fish (GAF) two out of three years or four out of five years.

Gerry Merrigan made a motion that added the Element 1 stairstep sub options to the main motion (page 6 of the motion) which passed.

The main amended motion passed unanimously.

State Halibut Motion 4.08

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