2007 Preliminary SE Enhanced Allocation Plan Information Released

The 2007 preliminary status of the enhanced allocation plan is that the gillnet gear group has been above their allocation range for the last four five-year rolling averages, prior to that they were within their range every rolling average but one where they were below, the troll fleet has been below their allocation range every year of rolling averages and the seine fleet is currently under their allocation range for the last three five-year rolling averages and prior to that they were within their range one five-year rolling average and above their allocation range for six five-year rolling averages.   The attachment below shows the graphs.

5 AAC 33.364 Southeastern Alaska Area Enhanced Salmon Allocation Mangement Plan was developed to provide a fair and reasonable distribution of the harvest of salmon from enhancement projects among the seine, troll and drift gillnet commercial fisheries, and to reduce conflicts among these users in the Southeast Area.  The Board of Fish established the following value allocations: 1.) seine – 44 to 49%; 2.) hand and power troll – 27 to 32%; and 3.) drift gillnet – 24 to 29%.

The evaluation of allocation percentage shall be based on five-year increments, beginning with 1985.

IF the value of the harvest of enhanced slamon stocks by a gear group listed in (a) of this section is outside of its allocation percentage for three consecutive years, the board will, in its discretion adjust fisheries within special harvest areas to bring the gear group within its allocation percentage.

2007 Preliminary RPT Graphs

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