Governor Appoints 3 Board of Fish Members

March 12, 2007, Juneau, Alaska – Governor Sarah Palin today announced her recommendations to the legislature for three vacancies on the Alaska Board of Fisheries.  Governor Palin is recommending the reappointment of John Jensen, of Petersburg, and Mel Morris, of Kodiak, and the appointment of William Brown, of Juneau, to the board. 


“I am pleased to advance the names of these three fine individuals to the legislature for confirmation,” Governor Palin said.  “They will bring unique knowledge, expertise and balance to the process, and I am delighted that they are willing to serve on this important board.” 


Jensen is a lifelong resident of Petersburg and a third-generation commercial fisherman who has participated in fisheries since 1965.  He has owned and operated many different commercial fishing vessels and has participated in fisheries in Southeast Alaska, Prince William Sound, Cook Inlet, the Gulf of Alaska, the Alaska Peninsula, Bristol Bay, the Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands, and Western Alaska.  Jensen currently serves as vice-chair of the board and is completing his second three-year term. 


Morris has been an Alaska resident for more than 50 years and currently resides in Kodiak.  His background includes experience as a fisheries biologist for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, service in the U.S. Army and management of several fish processing companies.  He currently operates M&M Marketing.  Morris currently serves as chair of the board and is completing his second three-year term. 


Brown is a lifelong angler who has traveled extensively to experience new fishing opportunities.  He received a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Colorado and spent many years as a professor of economics, most recently at the University of Alaska Southeast.  Brown owns and operates a reel repair business. 


The seven members of the Alaska Board of Fisheries are appointed by the Governor to conserve and develop the fishery resources of the state.  The board sets seasons, bag limits, methods and means for the state’s subsistence, commercial, sport, guided sport and personal-use fisheries, and it sets policy and direction for the management of the state’s fishery resources.  The board is charged with making allocative decisions, while the Department of Fish and Game is responsible for management based on those decisions.  All appointees are subject to legislative confirmation. 

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