Hobart Bay Herring Fishery Announced

Petersburg…. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game announced today the following information

concerning the 2008 Hobart Bay-Port Houghton (District 10) herring sac roe gillnet fishery:

No herring were harvested in the Hobart Bay-Port Houghton winter food and bait fishery by the time it

closed on February 28, 2008. By regulation, this means the 462-ton guideline harvest level will be

available for the sac roe gillnet fishery to harvest.

During the past 10 years, herring spawning has started in the Hobart Bay-Port Houghton area as early as

April 19 and as late as May 4. The average date of first spawning during the past 10 years has been April

27. The average date of peak spawning has been April 30. In 2007, spawning started on May 4.

Regulations for this fishery are the same as for the Seymour Canal herring fishery. Buoy stickers issued

for the Hobart Bay-Port Houghton fishery are also valid for the Seymour Canal fishery. The same buoys

should be used for both fisheries. Gillnetters are reminded that permit cards and picture identification

will be required to obtain the buoy stickers. Stickers are available in the Petersburg, Ketchikan and

Juneau offices until Department personnel are present on the fishing grounds. After that, buoy stickers

will only be available on the grounds.

This is the first time a sac roe fishery will occur in the Hobart Bay-Port Houghton area since the spring of


News releases web site: http://documents.cf1.adfg.state.ak.us/TopicContents.po.

Office Ketchikan Petersburg Wrangell Sitka Juneau Haines Hoonah Yakutat

ADFG 225-5195 772-3801 874-3822 747-6688 465-4250 766-2830 784-3255

AWT 225-5111 772-3983 747-3254 465-4000 945-3620

Herring Hotline 225-6870 747-1009 465-8905

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