Tulsequah Comment Period Extended to Feb 4, 2008

Comments on the Tulsequah Chief Mine have been extended by an additional 15 days with comments now due by Feb 4th, 2008 and the public meeting in Juneau moved to January 24, 2008.  Alaska permits that are under consideration have to do with the river barging operation.  In the application for a Fish Habitat Permit and Land use Permit along with the Alaska Coastal Zone Management consistency review the proposed activity is described as a river barging operation.  “The primary fleet includes two air cushion barges, one marine tug, one shallow draft tyg and two amphitracs.  Secondary vessels that will accompany the fleet include a small power boat or jet boat that will operate during the open-water season on the river and snow machines that will be employed during the winter season.  These ancillary vessels will assist in navigation and to provide support in teh event of emergencies.  In addition to these vessels, an additional barge and shallow draft tug will be available to provide extra transport capacity at times when additional trips are required to make up for delays due to bad weather, maintenance, etc.”

Additional information on the Tulsequah Mine at the State websites:

http://www.alaskacoast.state.ak.us/ look at right hand side of page under projects


http://www.hovertrans.com/hover_barges.htm  Shows videos of hoverbarges

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