King and Tanner Task Force Documents from 12.7.17 Meeting

2017 Preliminary Tanner Crab Survey Results 12.7.17

SEAK Commercial RKC presentation_December 2017 KTTF

December 2017 KTTF meeting BOF

Golden King Crab surplus production_final_2017 11.16.17

Southeast & Yakutat Shellfish (Jan. 11-14) & Finfish (Jan. 15-23): January 11-23, 2018 BOARD OF FISH MEETING

Comment due date: December 28, 2017 
Location: Sitka – Sitka Harrigan Centennial Hall
Shellfish issues are scheduled for Jan. 11-14, followed by finfish Jan. 15-23. Public testimony will be heard in two parts, one during the shellfish section and one during the finfish section.

Board of Fish SE Shellfish Proposals

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