December Council Meeting

The NPFMC meeting starts December 3 with the Advisory Panel and SSC panel starting their meetings Monday morning and Wednesday Dec 5, the Council will start meeting.  Comments are due Wedenesday November 28th.  The Council has 6 hours scheduled for halibut charter issues.  They will be reviewing the following halibut issues:

(a.) Committee report on longterm solutions and allocation/reallocation.

(b) Review progress on Charter Halibut Allocation/Reallocation and provide

direction/refine alternative as necessary.

 Final action is not scheduled for either of these items.  Comments that are important to make at this point is support for the interim allocation/reallocation package initiated in October.  That the allocation should be set at the GHL level.  The Council set up a market based system for the commerical industry that required you to purchase into the program and new entrants (the charter fleet) should purchase into the system as we have had to.  I will be sending out SEAFA’s comments early next week to members by email.

The following letter was sent by NMFS to Eric Olson chair of the NPFMC regarding the 2C management measures recommended in June. 

Letter to Eric Olson, Chair NPFMC

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