IPHC Interim Meeting Recommendation 11.28.17

The IPHC announced their recommendation today at the interim meeting.  All the documents and presentations can be accessed through their web page

The presentation with the IPHC recommendation document is here: IPHC Interim meeting recommendation Presentation IPHC-2017-IM093-08-09-P 11.28.17

The IPHC survey showed a 24% drop in the number of halibut and a 10% drop in the coast wide weight of halibut.  As a result, the current harvest rate of F46 results in catch limit decreases in each area.

HERE is a simplified Staff recommendation table.  IPHC Interim Meeting Recommendation 11.28.17   For reference, the table provides the 2017 TCEY recommendations, the 2017 adopted TCEY, the resulting 2017 FCEY catch limits,  the 2018 recommended TCEY, and the resulting 2018 FCEY catch limits for each area after deducting bycatch, wastage, and sport catch.


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