Territorial Sportsmen Chinook Salmon Symposium

The Territorial Sportsmen sponsored a symposium on the Taku and Chilkat River Chinook Salmon: Status, Research and Management. The intent of this event was focused on increasing the public awareness about the status and management of Chinook salmon stocks in the Taku and Chilkat Rivers in Northern Southeast Alaska.
Presenting information was Larry Edfelt for Territorial Sportsmen; Phil Richards, SE Chinook Salmon Stock Assessment Supervisor, ADF&G; Jim Murphy, Research Biologist, NMFS Salmon Ocean Ecology Program; Brock Meredith, DIPAC Operations Manager; Dan Teske, Sport Fish Area Management Biologist and Dave Harris, Commercial Fisheries Area Management Biologist.

2017_TSI presentation_management Dan Teske Sport Fish and with Dave Harris Commercial Fish presentation

Murphy TSI King Salmon 2017

Richards Taku and Chilkat Chinook Stock Assessment TSI

2017 Juneau Area Chinook Enhancement_DIPAC

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