Gov Palin Issues Press Release on NPFMC Appointments

November 9, 2007, Juneau, Alaska – Governor Sarah Palin today forwarded her nominations of Robert “Ed” Dersham, Mike Heimbuch and Roland Maw to the U.S. Secretary of Commerce as her candidates to fill the remainder of the term of resigning North Pacific Fishery Management Council member Ed Rasmuson.
“Each of these nominees is knowledgeable about Alaska fisheries and would bring a balanced perspective to the council table,” Governor Palin said.  “The council faces challenging fishery management decisions, and I’m confident that these candidates will put the interests of Alaska first.”
Governor Palin thanked Rasmuson, who resigned from the council in October, for his four years of dedicated service on the board. 
“Membership on the North Pacific council is a serious commitment. I appreciate the willingness of all of these experienced Alaskans to serve our state,” she said.
The North Pacific Fishery Management Council is one of eight regional councils established by the 1976 Magnuson Fishery Conservation and Management Act, later renamed the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act, to oversee management of the nation’s marine fisheries.  The council has jurisdiction over 900,000 square miles of ocean from three to 200 miles off Alaska’s shores, and the primary responsibility for managing pollock, cod, halibut, sole and other groundfish.
The Magnuson-Stevens Act requires governors of specific coastal states to provide a minimum of three candidates for each applicable vacancy, from which the Secretary of Commerce makes a final selection. 
Robert “Ed” Dersham of Anchor Point is a 23-year charter boat operator in Lower Cook Inlet who has served on the Alaska Board of Fisheries for more than eight years, including three years as chair and two years as vice-chair.  He was involved in developing and chairing the joint protocol committee for coordination between the fisheries board and the North Pacific council.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Oregon and is a retired from a career as a special agent with the Drug Enforcement Agency.  Dersham is Governor Palin’s recommendation for appointment.
Mike Heimbuch of Homer is a lifelong Alaskan and commercial fisherman who has fished for halibut, herring, cod, shrimp and salmon around the state since 1963.  He has served on a variety of civic and local government commissions, including the fish and game advisory committee and the Prince William Sound Aquaculture Association.  He is an active political writer in Alaska newspapers and is currently a member of the Homer City Council.  He majored in music and education at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.
Roland Maw of Kasilof is executive director of United Cook Inlet Drift Association and is co-owner of a charter and salmon research business based in Homer.  He has served on the United Fishermen of Alaska’s board of directors, on the Kenai Peninsula Fish and Game Advisory Committee and on the Joint Legislative Salmon Task Force Governance Committee.  Maw earned a doctoral degree in forestry and wildlife management from the University of Alberta in 1988.

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