Sablefish Longline Pot Fishery regulations are effective January 27, 2017

The longline pot fishery for sablefish IFQ’s regulations have been published and become effective January 27, 2017. In answering questions from members, we put the following summary of the regulations together for easier understanding by the fishermen. This is just a summary and it is your responsibility as a fisherman to understand all the regulations.

Longline Pot Gear in Gulf of Alaska Sablefish IFQ Fishery White Paper 1.16.17 (Final)

This regulation implementation date is being pushed back  for 60 days for a review with potential for a new notice and reopening of the regulation.. If this regulation is reviewed and not re-opened, the soonest it could now take effect is March 27th.  This delay is due to an action by President Trump that freezes all regulations passed in the last 60 days that have not been published and any regulation that was published are being held for 60 days to allow for a review.

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