Council Action on Halibut Charter at Oct ’07 meeting

     The Council finished taking action on halibut charter agenda items Friday afternoon staying on schedule.  The Advisory Panel accepted most of SEAFA’s changes as recommendations to forward to the Council.  Following the AP meeting a working group of commerical and charter members met together and discussed the AP’s recommendation.  The charter industry finally recognized that the motion as written was a long term action item because almost everything being looked at took outside federal or state legislation.  The working group pared down the AP recommendation to an interim step for analysis of an initial allocation decision that must be managed for (not the current GHL which is “may” manage for) and the ability for charter operators to LEASE commerical IFQ’s to allow the charter operator to offer additional halibut above the managment restrictions up to the current limit allowed for non-guided halibut fishermen.  For example, the 4 fish annual limit for charter clients, a charter operator if they leased commercial IFQ’s could allow a client to retain more than the 4 fish annual limit as the non-guided fishermen have no annual limit.  With a one fish daily bag limit the charter operator with IFQ’s could offer the second fish.  The leasing of commerical IFQ’s would be limited to 10% and can be done through the Council and federal regulatory process.   A draft of the motion is included below.  Consider this a draft until the Council publishes the motion as I tried to capture all the amendments but may have missed something.

The Council will be releasing the 3A GHL management measures analysis out for public review with some changes as recommended by the SSC and AP panels.

The Council made another motion that will pass the compensated reallocation aspects of the motion that were stripped out back to the stakeholder committee to roll back into the long term solutions.  The stakeholder committee will be meeting at the end of October to finalize a package of long term solutions to the Council in December.

The Council was asked to review their decision on the 4 fish annual limit.  this was discussed but no formal motion was made.  The issue might come back up in December.

A final decision on allocation will no longer occur at the December meeting,  It will likely come up at the April meeting, with an initial review in February. 

State Council motion with amendments 10.07

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