Draft Voluntary Safety Initiatives – Good Marine Practices for Commercial Fishing Vessels

The development of the Alternate Safety Compliance Program (ASCP) effort was put on hold this summer (at least as a mandatory set of new requirements). The requirements came out of the legislation funding the Coast Guard in both 2010 and 2012. The ASCP was originally designed to apply to commercial fishing vessels 50′ and over that are not “classed” once they become 25 years old. This effort was transitioned into the attached Voluntary Safety Initiatives/Good Marine Practices for Commercial FVs. We are anticipating further guidance from CG Headquarters prior to January 1st on how to put this new initiative into practice.

The Initiative has also been posted on the Coast Guard’s “Maritime Commons” about the VSIGMP and encouraging the public/industry to provide feedback through their local Coast Guard dockside fishing vessel examiner or District Commercial Fishing Vessel Safety Coordinators. For Alaska, comments would go to Anthony.S.Wilwert@uscg.mil.

Voluntary Safety Initiatives – Good Marine Practices for CFVs – 25Oct201 (002)

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