Salmon Study Mooring Buoys at Little Port Walter

The National Marine Fisheries Service, in partnership with the U.S. Geological Survey and Rutgers University will be deploying temporary ocean moorings in Southern Chatham Strait near LPW. The moorings are part of a research effort to assess the use of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) for conducting fisheries research and studying the outmigration of juvenile Chinook salmon.

Twenty-four reference moorings will be deployed; three will be placed approximately 3 kilometers north of LPW, three will be placed approximately 3 kilometers south of LPW, and eighteen will be near the mouth and within the Port Walter area. The moorings will have yellow or orange buoys and will be clearly labeled “NOAA RESEARCH”.  All moorings will be a minimum of 200 meters apart and at least 50 meters from the shore. The moorings will be deployed between March 16 and March 26, 2016. All equipment associated with the study will be removed completely no later than December 15, 2016.

See document below for more information about the project and for a map of the locations of the mooring buoys.

LPW Salmon Study – mooring buoys 2.10.16

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