Redfern Submits Application for Hoverbarge

The Tulsequah Chief Mine filed their application for use of a hoverbarge to move the mine ore downriver to Juneau for shipment on AML up to Skagway and then to the bulk ore facility to be loaded on oceangoing freighters.  They expect that the hoverbarge will take one trip a day but this could be delayed if necessary.  State of Alaska is reviewing the plan but has not had time to determine if the application holds sufficient detail to make a decision but will weigh in on the Canadian application process.  The hoverbarge is is a vessel that rides on a cushion of air and can transit the river even at low water.  The barge will be towed during high water by a shallow-draft tug and by an “amphitrac” during most of the year. The amphitrac is an amphibious vehicle that can move from water to dry ground.

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