Regional Planning Team (RPT) Meeting December 3, 2015

This is a reminder of the Fall 2015 Regional Planning Team (RPT) meeting to be held December 3rd at the NSRAA Boardroom in Sitka. The meeting will include a hatchery permit review, for Armstrong-Keta, Inc. to use a portion of the existing Little Port Walter Hatchery (NOAA) for production of king salmon. There will also be three possible permit alteration request (PAR) reviews for NSRAA. Two of those PARs concern moving a portion of the current chum salmon production at Takatz Bay to either Port Malmsbury or Thomas Bay as way to increase marine survival. The last PAR concerns releasing chum salmon at Gunnuk Creek to provide a broodstock return to Gunnuk Creek Hatchery (this PAR is still being processed).

In addition to the RPT meeting, an industry driven meeting will be held on the evening of December 2nd to discuss the “Twenty-year Retrospective” which is being developed by the RPT. That meeting will also be held in the NSRAA Boardroom with the suggested meeting time of 7pm.

Workshop agenda draft 12.8.09

2015-10-27 HF-Port Malmsbury chum ap

2015-10-27 HF-Thomas Bay chum ap

2015-10-30 Little Port Walter Hatchery Permit Application

2015-2-20 MFA AKI – Little Port Walter Hatchery

Twenty year Retrospective Allocation

At the NSRAA Board Meeting Friday November 13, 2015 the Board voted to approve moving 6 million chum from Hidden Falls to Thomas Bay.

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