Southeast Grant Opportunities

The Department of Commerce, Community & Economic Development is pleased to announce the opening of the following three grant programs: 


Southeast Fisheries Economic Development Program (FEDP) 

Southeast Salmon Vessel Quality Upgrade Program (SAVQUP) 

Southeast Alaska Salmon Marketing Program (ASMP) 


For more information and application guides, please visit the links above.  Applications must be postmarked by September 10, 2007.  Applications under the ASMP and FEDP programs will undergo a competitive review process after the deadline has passed.  SAVQUP applications will be reviewed on a first come, first served basis, so please do not wait until the deadline to submit an application under that program. 


If you applied under the 2006 SAVQUP (announced in November 2006) and have not been informed of the status of your application, you remain in the queue for available funds and need not reapply. 


NOTE: Federal funds used to carry out these grant programs come from the Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery Fund.  As a condition of that funding, projects must be salmon-related and located in Southeast Alaska.  If you do not operate in Southeast Alaska, please do not apply. 


Thank you.  Once you have reviewed the application guides, please contact me with any additional questions. 


Debbie Maas 

Grants Administrator 


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