Chatham Blackcod Quota

ADFG announced today (6/19/07) the Chatham Blackcod fishery quota for 2007.  Each permit holder will receive as his share 14,450 pounds, down from the 2006 split of 19,550 lbs each.  This is a 28% decrease from the 2006 quota. 

The Dept. provided notice in the 2006 Chatham sablefish news release dated May 5, 2006, that updated biomass and harvest rate data could be anticipated for the 2007 fishery.  The May 2006 news release also indicated that unless the 2000-year class recruits strongly into the fishery in 2006 it was likely that the quota would be reduced in 2007. There has been no definitive evidence of strong recruitment of the 2000 year class into Chatham Strait. 

The reduced annual harvest objective (AHO) for 2007 is a result of two main factors: 1) a 15% decrease due to the difference between the 2004 biomass estimate and the 2007 forecast and 2) a 13% decrease due to application of an updated harvest rate which was calculated using standardized data.  The Dept. has determined that the harvest rate used from 2004-2006 (0.138) was inappropriately high and the update harvest rate (0.116) is more in line with rates accepted by agencies managing adjacent sablefish fisheries.

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