Council Action on Halibut Issues

2C Management Measures for 2008

The Council took final action and recommended two preferred alternatives to move forward through the proposed rule process.  The first action is a combination of management measures that includes a.) no harvest by skipper and crew for halibut; and line limits (number of lines fished cannot exceed the number of paying clients) b.) Annual limit of four fish per angler and c.) a two fish bag limit with one fish of any size and one fish 32″ of less in length (minnow fish). The second preferred alternative is if the Charter GHL is stepped down because of a drop in the CEY the proposed recommendation is a one fish bag limit for the entire season and no harvest by skipper and crew; and line limits.  The vote on this option was close with a vote of 6 to 5.  One council member voting in support of this alternative pointed out that “to vote against this motion is voting for allocation which is not what was analyzed.  The action for today is to choose the management tool to meet the GHL”  After the two preferred alternatives are published in the proposed rule, only one will be published in the final rule and implemented.
Compensated Reallocation between the Commerical and Charter Sectors in Areas 2C and 3A

 The Council accepted most of the stakeholder recommendations and the AP reorganization.  They did add back into the motion a pro-rata reduction with compensation option with further explaination of what was meant. 

The complete motion is attached as a word document for viewing.  These are my notes regarding the actions taken by the Council.


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