The Alaska Department of Fish and Game announced the following information correcting information contained a May 30, 2007 News Release concerning Federal Fisheries Permit requirements for trollers participating in the troll fishery in the EEZ. The department has conducted a very detailed regulatory review and a review of Board of Fisheries intent language and found that Chapter 28 Groundfish regulations requiring the full retention of Demersal Shelf Rockfish (DSR) only apply to vessels fishing for groundfish unless otherwise specified. The salmon troll fishery is not specified in the DSR full retention and reporting regulations (5 AAC 28.171) and therefore that regulation is not in effect for the troll fishery. As a result of this review, the provisions of 50 CFR Part 679.4(b)(2) that require a vessel that fishes in the EEZ for any non-groundfish species and that is also required to retain any bycatch of groundfish must obtain a Federal Fisheries Permit (FFP) is also not in effect for the salmon troll fishery. All troll vessels that have an FFP may retain and sell up to the 10% bycatch limits and must forfeit to the state revenue above that limit. Note: Any troll vessels that do not have an FFP, who do fish in the EEZ and do catch groundfish may not retain those fish.

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