HB 186 Charter Boat Data Sharing Legislation Passes Senate

The full Senate passed HB 186 the evening of May 15th unanimously.  The bill is now awaiting transmittal to the Governor.

This legislation allowed ADFG to share charter logbook data with NMFS/NOAA enforcement.  The legislation was supported by the charter industry and commerical longline industry equally.

SEAFA would like to thank the legislature for supporting and passing this legislation that both sectors agreed was important this session with an immediate effective date.  This will make all management measures being looked at by The North Pacific Fishery Management Council in June for 2C and October for 3A viable without the development of a second federal reporting system and make the application for moratorium permits a smoother process.

We would like to extend special thanks to Representative Harris who introduced the legislation at our request and the Representatives and Senators that co-sponsored the legislation.  These include REPRESENTATIVE(S) Thomas, Kelly, Seaton, Johnson, Wilson, Kerttula, Roses and SENATOR(s) Elton, Stedman, Wilken, Therriault, Kookesh, Thomas, Wagoner, Cowdery, Huggins, Stevens

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