Are the Fisheries Used for Fish Meal Sustainable?

There are two fisheries undergoing MSC certification that are mainly used as ingredients in fish meal and fish oil. The use of forage fish in fish meal for feed for the farmed fish industry has been one of the factors that have prevented fish farms being certified under programs such as MSC. 

The Mexican Sardine fishery is currently undergoing the certification process and the Scottish western mackerel and North Sea herring fisheries are starting to seek the MSC certification process through the industry group  Scottish Pelagic Sustainability Group.

Camiel Derichs, MSC’s North   European fisheries manager, told IntraFish.  “It’s a first step in the direction of having sustainable fish feed  or at least independently verified sustainable marine ingredients in  those feeds,”

The Intrafish article went on to say that “With fish feed accounting for as much as two-thirds of aquaculture 
producers’ costs, sustainable fish feed is not expected to come  cheap, especially in the early stages when volumes are low.

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