Dungeness Crab Task Force Meeting Documents

The Dungeness crab task force met on March 19, 2014. The following were the documents that were presented by ADF&G. If you have any questions about the meeting materials or want more information about the meeting call SEAFA at 907-586-6652.

2014 Southeast Alaska Dungeness Task Force Meeting Agenda 031714

2012_13 Dungeness Season Summary_NONconfidential

2013_14 Dungeness Season Summary_NONconfidential

KTTF 2013-2014_dungeness crab model

Dungeness Harvest Data_NONconfidential_2003to2013

SeaOtterExpansion Map   Work Cited for Sea Otter Distribution Data the sea otter expansion map shows has the districts and subdistricts marked that can be used in conjunction with the Dungeness harvest data above.

and not handed out at the meeting but discussed as a document was the Annual Management Report   fmr11-62 Dungeness AMR

Note:  While there was an agenda topic for a Dungeness buy back program – there is no active pursuit of a Dungeness buyback program.


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