Purse Seine Agenda – December 3, 2013

Southeast Alaska Purse Seine Task Force Agenda
Ted Ferry Civic Center, Naha Room, Ketchikan, Alaska
December 3, 2013, 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.

I. Call meeting to order and introductions – Introduce participants, distribute handouts, and review agenda. Dan Gray & Bob Thorstensen

II. Review of 2013 season and Preview of 2014 season

1) Summary of 2013 Season Harvest, Effort, & Value – Handouts
2) 2013 salmon escapements/harvests and 2014 ADF&G pink salmon forecast– Andy Piston
3) The NOAA 2014 Southeast Pink Salmon Forecast from Ecosystem Monitoring in Southeast Alaska – Joe Orsi
4) Ketchikan Management Area – Scott Walker
5) Petersburg Management Area – Troy Thynes
6) Sitka Management Area – Dave Gordon
7) Juneau Management Area – Dave Harris

III. Review Hatchery harvests, forecasts, and plans

8) SSRAA – John Burke
9) NSRAA – Steve Reifenstuhl
10) DIPAC – Eric Prestegard

IV. Discussion of issues identified by Task Force Members
1) Status update for the statewide pink and chum salmon hatchery/wild interaction studies. (Ron Josephson)
2) Kendrick Bay spring fishery – conservation measures due to excessive bycatch. (Scott Walker)
3) Loss of one day of fishing at Dall Island during week 31. Management of Week 30 and the Juel Pt. line. (Scott Walker)
4) Northern Gravina Island closure during the final weeks of the season. (Scott Walker)
5) 20% Hidden Falls Tax Assessment – is legislation needed and how is this cost recovery system working? (NSRAA)
6) Hidden Falls broodstock. (NSRAA)
7) Amalga fishery – management and other issues that may arise from fishing in a small area on a road system. (Dave Harris)
8) Hawk Inlet fishery management and breakdown of District 12 subdistrict harvests in 2013. (Dave Harris)
9) Board of Fisheries Proposals. (Dan Gray)
10) GSI Sampling – number of samples, from which fisheries, preliminary data. (Dan Gray)
11) Coho salmon escapement. (Andy Piston, management staff)
12) Pink salmon escapement – low water/weather related issues; thoughts on why SSE was stronger than NSE compared to 2011. (Andy Piston, management staff)

V. ETJ Petition – Forest Service staff

VI. Time and location of next meeting – Petersburg/Wrangell

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