King Fisheries, Stikine, Copper River & spring Hatchery Troll fisheries Update.

The first gilnet king fishery on the Stikine was very slow.  45 boats participated in the fishery for a total estimated catch of 225 kings.  The pre-season abundance allowed for a total Stikine catch of 6100 (sport, troll & gillnet combined) Kings.  The fishery will be opened May 14th at 8:00 am to May 15th at 8:00 am.

The Copper River gillnet fishery will open on May 14th.  The length of the opening will be announced on May 12th.

The spring hatchery troll fishery opened on May 1st.  Only 4 districts had enough effort to provide harvest data.

Sumner Strait     6 vessels     57 kings

Tebenkof Bay    13 vessels    294 kings

Chatham Strait   6 vessels     62 kings

Sitka Sound       28 vessels   337 kings

Total all areas:  62 boats   866 kings

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